When I was younger (starting around 9 or 10 years old), I would always go and lay down on the lawn in the backyard nude. As soon as my parents had left for work in the morning, I would get out of bed and take off my PJ's (keeping my briefs on - I don't know why though because my parents would have freaked out just as much if they knew I was running around the house in just my undies) and go downstairs to the garage to make sure both cars were gone. Once I was sure they were gone I would drop my underwear and head out to the backyard and lay in the sun. One day when I was 11 or 12, I didn't notice that my neighbour was up on his roof cleaning his gutters. I was laying out nude and looked over and there he was. I quickly ran back into the house and never heard anything about it but there is no way he didn't see me.
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When I was about the same age, after my parents left the house. I would take all my clothes off and walk all over the house, sitting in every chair, couch, and stand by every window. Later on when I was feeling bold and excited, I would go out the back door naked and walk around the yard or head for the woods. To be on the safe side, other times I would leave the house dressed and ***** in the woods, hide my clothes and see how far I could dare myself to go naked.