My Friend's Dad Saw Me Naked!

Last summer,  I was at my friend's house and we were showering after using the pool. My friend was using her own bathroom and I was using the one down the hall. She had said there were towels in the bathroom closet, but of course after I finish showering there aren't any. So, since nobody but us had been home all day, I decided to make a dash from the bathroom to my friend's room...naked.

I get to her door but she had locked it. So there i am standing there knocking when I hear behind me a surprised "oh hey...cute butt!". Not thinking I turn around and their is my friend's dad! I quickly cover up with my hands as best I could. Then he says the towels are in the hall closet. Realizing thats what my friend must have meant to tell me, quickly I step over to the closet and grab a towel. As I am covering up, my friends dad starts walking away and says hes all for the nudist movement but he would rather keep the house G rated. I was soo embarrassed!!! 
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I wish I had been him

Part of the u.s. Movie rating system. G means the whole family can watch- no nudity.

Actually, given your age, I think he handled it properly by making a joke out of it. Much worse would have been to have said nothing - imagine not knowing what he was thinking or imagining what he was thinking. Or equally bad would have him being embarrassed and uncomfortable.<br />
<br />
But coming from the UK, what does this G rating it something to do with the G-spot :-)

Wow that would be emarrassing. Do you still go over to this friends house?

you were embarassed...... but did this turn you on as you thought about it later?

thats nice