I am currently 22 years old. About a month ago, I went with my college roommate, Neal, and his dad on a trip to Hawaii. Us three guys shared a hotel room together. One day during the trip, I woke up from an afternoon nap to a note on the nightstand that said that Neal and Robert (Neal's dad) were going to the pool for a few hours. I decided to take a shower while they were gone. I didn't lock the door since they weren't there. When I got out of the shower, I forgot to bring my clothes into the bathroom, so I walked out into the room fully naked to get clothes. I then realized that Robert had come back from the pool without Neal early because he had a headache. I freaked out and covered up my 'sausage,' but Robert just said, "why are you yelling? I've got one too!" So I went back into the bathroom and changed.
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Bunch of guys. Who cares. Might as well be comfortable