I was at my friends house, probably around the age of 15. We were hanging out and I passed out. At about one in the morning, I woke up and I was hard. So I started playing a little bit, in the living room next to my friend. I hummed my clothes in the pile with all my friends clothes, including my boys superman briefs. He had just his boxers on, so I peaked up his boxers at his midnight hardon. I played with his hard on and blonde pubes. I started slowly slipping off his boxers when I heard the floor creak in the kitchen. His dad was coming downstairs. I threw his boxers in the pile of clothes and pretended to be asleep. His dad came in the living room. I peaked through one eye, and his dad was naked too. He saw that we were both naked, and got hard. He jerked off over me until he blew his load all over my body. Then he snapped a pic and went on the porch to smoke a butt. I was wet with precum, and hard as a rock. I got up, and went out on the porch with him. Smoked my butt he gave me. He told me that he thought I was super hot. He had never done anything like that before with a kid, and apologized. I took his camera, and blew my load all over my friend. I snapped a picture and handed him the camera. Told him as long as I can have a copy go for it. The next morning I woke up and my friend was all confused. He didn't remember ******* off with me. I cleaned him off and he cleaned me off. His dad found us licking each other and pretended to be mad.
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That means he unknowingly licked off his dad's *****? Gross!

Still have the pic