Younger Sister And 3 Of Her Friends And My Mom See All

well i was 15 then my sister melissa was 11 well i took a shower and after i was done i wrapped a towel around my waist and went downstairs i saw no one was home so i took the towel off and put it on the chair in the living room then went to the kitchen and made a sandwich well  i turned around and bang their was my lil sister and 3 of her friends my sis had my towel in her hands they all started giggling i covered up with one of my hands  my sis said as they were giggling no you dont let us  see that small thing if you didnt  want it seen you should have clothes on they giggled more i said give me my towel please her one friends said only if you uncover i saw i had no choice they were also blocking the door way so i uncovered my self they all looked down to my penis they laughed my sis said is suppose to be that small her one friend said no i seen accouple and they were bigger even my little brothers is bigger i know her lil brother hes 10 then i heard the front door open and close it was my mom she said whats so funny as she walked to the kitchen then she saw me she gave a small chuckle she said billy why are you naked i then got a hard on not meaning to mom said give him his towel we all got a good enough laugh. ever since my sisters have all tried to see me naked they all did eventually and they always pick on me.that same day my 11 yr old sister and her 3 friends came in my room and said gina here likes you .i looked at gina she was 12  she was the one who said her 10 yr old brothers penis was bigger then mine.well i said yeah .then as i got they jumped oin me they tied my heands to my bed post my sister stood in front of me as i layed tied to the bed . she then pulled my shorts off along with my underwear which was all i had on .they all looked down at my naked body giggling . then gina took out a cell phone and took a few pics and said the girls atschool will love these .my mom came in when she heard noise she saw me and laughed and said girls please leave billy alone. she turned to me i saw her eyes go to my penis she laughed and said billy i seen that little thing to much today and she untied me but gina was gone by the time was mom has seen my penis many times before this and joked about it when seeing it but that ussually only happened once a day .as a teen when she would make me ***** before spanking my butt.sometimes her friends would laugh about it when she would make me ***** other times she would just tell them and they would laugh about it .

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Giggle about someone body is abuse, when some giggle or insult someone genitals is a sex abuser.

Soundsl like fun to me

Ur **** is an ok size wht size is it im 19 and have smallone to

Ask your sister's friends to help you in exercising the penis.


I would have pulled them by their hair n tied them up. And u mom didn't care what a *****

like story

Dude just look online for penis exercises ;) it totally works lol I went from just 5 inches to 5.9 inches close to 6

what did your mom make you do?

loved your story! come check mine about my mom humiliating me!

you should try to get them back and if it is small then look on line for ways to get it bigger it cant be that small

i agree with you hipplzez

dam* i hate people like that i would beat them up

all of them are *******

Your mom sounds like a real nutcase.

she is