When I was about 14 living in the country I had a friend that new all about my secret. Anyway my parents were away and I was ment to be at home with my older sisters but swing as I had a friend over they left us to our own devises and went off to another friends house.

Anyway my friend and I used to love dressing up and playing around he loved raiding though my sisters closets and picking things I love wearing them and pretending to be a girl.

Anyway I had dressed up in a pair of fluffy brown boots tights full underwear and a nitted wooly top that came down long enough to we worn as a dress.

So after applying my makeup badly and trying to do something with my shortish medium hair we started to mess around in the garden.

Then for what ever reason we ended up deciding to walk across the fields to the local park about 30 mins away, (thinking back I was likely to have been a dare or something that I wouldn't be brave enough to go out of the garden).

Anyway we got up to around the park and there used to be an old trail that ran around the out skirts of the park. This was an area covered in trees and bushes great for boys who wanted to mess around building dens ect.

Anyway we were suddenly stop buy a group of boys older than us and they initially thought I was a girl until they asked that comment "Awww look at the two love birds" at which my friends reaction pretty much gave me away.

They then started trying to question me asking who I was and why I was dressed a a girl. I didn't say anything I was petrified about what was going to happen if people found out. I then remember through my tears swing someone else arrive and started saying something.

It wasn't for a few seconds I realized who it was. It was my friends older brother. He had appear and come to our rescue tell the other boys I was just a girl from school and he had known me for a long time and that we were just hanging out.

Anyway his brother then took me back home in silence which was horrible. When I got there I was expecting the usual adult briefing about the wrongs and rights. Instead he just said "next time be more careful, if your going to go out make sure u look ur best or get one of the girls to help you. You don't want some of the boys or men around here to find out it secret, there not all so nice." Winked and took his brother home leaving me to think about what had just happened.
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GREAT story--your friend's brother sounds like he had parents who brought him up to respect others as they are....

Thanks Hun I think that might have been why our parents were all close friends.

Oh wow!! What a prince the older brother was!!
Was he cute?

He wasn't overly amazing but I for some reason had this massive crush in him probably as he was the first person to be nice and accept me.

That's so sweet!!