Caught Wearing A Dress

I have two sisters, one older and one younger. I always liked girl thing but i was too shy to tell anyone about it. One day of summer, my mother went shopping with my two sisters an i was home alone. I went to my older sister's room, took her pink dress and wore it. At that time my younger sister was still a baby so i went to teh kitchen and took my sister's pink baby bottle. Fortunately, my mother hadn't taken enough money so she returned home, and my sisters remained in the car. My mother caught me wearing my sister's dress and with my other sister's baby bottle. I was petrified however, instead of moaning me, my mother just smiled a bit and said she had to go shopping but that other day we would have fun. I returned everything to its place and went to play. The next day my older sister told me that she gave me her pink dress as a gift. It was obvious to me that my mom told her what she saw. I wore the dress and then my sister took me to my mom's room where she had several girl and some baby things on her bed. My mon said that she and my sister knew that i liked sissy things and that a dress and a bottle weren't enough. That day i wore pink lace panties, tights, the pink dress, heels, a wig, my sister painted my nails with pink nail polish, perfume, and make up, just lipstick, mascara, pink eyeshadow and pink blush. I felt really good and pretty. Then my mother put me a necklace with a dummy pacifier and gave me a pink baby bottle. I looked myself at the mirror and felt wonderful though my sister and mother laughed at me all the time. My mother asked me that if i saw how ridiculous i looked, but i said i was beautiful. My mother told me that it wasn't correct for boys to wear such things, then i realized that all that was as a punishment, but i told my mother that i liked those things. My mother thought that with time and by changing everything i had to a girl thing i would be fed up of girl things and return to be a boy, so the next weeks she changed everything in my life to girl stuff. My bed blankets were changed to barbie blankets, all my underwear was changed to pink laced underwear, my t-shirts were changed to disney princess shirts, skirts and dresses. Even my shampoo was of barbie. Absolutely everything was changed to girl things, my toys were barbies, i had make up, nail polish and my mother painted my nails always in strong pink, but instead of being tired, bored or angry for all taht, i was really pleased. School was about to begin and my mother told me that if i didn't abondon that behaivour she would make me go as a girls to school. That really scared me a bit but i loved girl things. The first day of school arrived and my mother dressed me like a girls, painted my nails, put perfume on me and lipstick. I wetn to school dressed like a girls and of course all the boys made fun of me, however some girls said i looked pretty and so i was always with them, girls that became my friends.The teachers called my mother and said that i needed psicological help but at that point my mother understood that i really loved being a girl and so she changed my of school and since that day i have liked girl things.
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i was blackmailed into wearing a slutty dress a wig and a bunch of other stuff and i looked exactly like a girl and eventually forced to give my bestfriend head
my sister has recently been making me go on double dates with her her boyfriend and her boyfriends brother and she makes me give her boyfriends brother head
i act like i hate it but it secretly turns me on ;)

Since you enjoyed wearing girls things so much did you ever get your ears pierced and wear cute girly earrings?

I was the the same. After my sister and mom caught me many times in their clothes they made me dress as one to punish me, instead it backfired and I enjoyed wearing everything. So they let me wear girls dresses and lingerie till I was to go to school too. They placed me in a private girls school at age 10 as a girl. My mom told the teachers that I was transitioning into a girl and they all excepted me.
I am now over 40 and am still dressing as a girl today.

So have fun as much as you can there is a lot of things to experience being a girl full time.

Please paint my paint my nails.
My profile picture is of my nails when I painted them do you like it.


Did you keep dressing all thru school? I was like that. was caught by my sister so many time that she dressed me up at home all the time. And she too thot I wouldn't like it, but I did, so she gave me clothes to wear and purchased panties, bra's, and slips of my own to wear. My mom found me one day when she got home from work. I told her sis dressed me and she said that I better do as she told me to do. From then on I wore lingerie under girls jeans and tops and under my school uniform at school. My mom and sister turned me into a girl.

Yes i did, at least until junior high, but at least always wore girl underwear

That's the way with me. I wore lingerie all the time. My sister got me girls clothes that looked like boys and slip-on girls loafers. Then as soon as we would get home from school. My sister put me in a dress. Most all of our neighbors knew I was a boy in a dress and she also told some of her girls at school.

Lucky u!!