I was third teen and my two sisters were four teen and fifth teen, and my mom was 38. Also my dad had left us at a very young age. So I would wear my sister or moms clothes every once in a while, like doing the lunadry or going to the bathroom after my sister or mom just took a shower and they would leave something behind. So I had never done something this big. I love wearing womans clothes. So one night my sisters were having a end of school party and so my sisters were downstairs in the basement the whole night with all there girlfriends, so I decide to go to my sisters room and see what was in there. One of my sisters left there pantie drawer up so I looked in it and found tons of Victoria secret panties and thongs. So I held up one pair of hot pink lace vs panties, I decide to put them on and it felt so good on me. As I was wearing the panties, I noticed my sister had left out a pair of her Pink yoga pants on the ground and I have heard girls talk about saying yoga pants are comfortable and so as I was walking around in there room I saw a matching bra to the panties I had put on, so I was wearing hot pink lace panties with a matching hot pink lace bra, also I had yoga pants on that said love pink on my butt. As I was still walking around in there room I was looking for a top to put on I guess I was so excited or I couldn't hear anything over the noise they were making in the basement that I didn't hear my 15 year old sister Anna come up. As I was having so much fun all I heard was, OOHH MMMYYY GGGGOOOOODDD, WHAT ARE YOU WEARING? Then all I heard next was my other sister Hannah come up and scream. As they were looking at me I just froze, then next my mom came in and started laughing and said' honey what are u wearing? As I started to talk some of my sisters friends came up and they started to giggle. So my mom told my sisters to go to her office where she had been working and my mom said honey u stay here and me and Ur sisters are going to talk about this, as my mom left so told some of my sisters friends to stay in the room and make sure I took nothing off or put on anything. My mom and sisters were talking about what to do to me. I remember looking at the clock and it being 6:30 so as my mom rushed in to the room she told me to go to my room and stay there as I didn't see my sisters in my moms office I wonder where they went. I went to my room and took nothing off as I was told. I sat on my bed and was just lost in thoughts. As I heard my mom yelling in a commanding way, I heard a knock on the door it was two of my sisters friends Ashely and Kennedy, I asked what they were doing they said were on sissy duty. As I heard cars leaving and I hadn't had heard or seen my mom in a while or my sisters, my sisters two friends started to talk to me and Kennedy told me we were wearing the same panties and bra as she showed me, she told me that one day my sister Anna and her went to Victoria's Secret and bought matching panties and bras. As Ashley told me that we were wearing the same yoga pants, they both giggled for they faceted that we had one of the same clothes on. I asked where everyone went they could tell me . As they started to ask me questions about my idea of putting all that stuff on, I just ignored them. As they were talking to each other I heard cars coming back to the house I wonder maybe it was my mom giving girls rides home or was it my sisters coming back with something or food? As I forgot about all the noise, all of a sounded my mom told me to come downstairs to the living room witches where I saw all of my sisters and all of her 20 friends. As I kept looking around I saw 7 big bags of what look like to be clothes and other stuff. As I was told to sit down my mom explained to the girls what was going to happen, my mother said he shallow put anything on that u have bought tonight u will have him for two hours also u shall make him do anything u want. As I looked at the clock it was 8. So there were 23 girls including my mom and sisters so they would break up in two group of two and three and my mom was by herself. So each group put a number in a hat then they pulled out the number they would be going so first one to pull was my mom she was 5th as she took her bag upstairs, next was my sisters they pick the last number 8 as they found a place to put there stuff and move away. Next Ashley and Kennedy picked first. So there I was in a big jeep of trouble with this. The next person to pull was a friend of my sisters that we had know for a while and her name was Emily and her crew she had 3 in her group counting her, she picked 6 right after my mom. So 4 groups had picked and that was 8 people had picked out of 23 . As I look over and I decide and said to myself this is going to be a long night. As they kept pulling numbers they finally got to the end it would be 12 hours so who knows what time I will be sleeping. So the first group went it was Ashley and Kennedy, since they didn't get to go out because they were watching me they picked clothes of there own and from my mom and sisters clothes collection, so it all started with so of my moms leopard panties they told me to put on of course I had a lot more of this so I said ok, I put them on then they handed me a purple bra I put on. Then they handed me size C 36 boobies to put in the cup. So then I was told to massage there feet and backs and other body parts. It was done they then took me to the next group. So as I looked at the group they held out a bag of nail polish and make up. They painted my fingers hot pink and my toes also hot pink. They then told me to take of the yoga pants that I had to wear from group to group, they then pulled out a bag and out they pulled was a white sun dress and white pumps, as I let my nails dry and they started to apply make up they then told me to walk around in the heels and go get them food and drinks. As I came back from getting them food I saw them laughing at there phones then one of the girls showed me that Kennedy had taken pics of me in the bra and panties they put me in. As I thought to my self oooohhh great. I was done with four hours out of the 12. As I kept going the next one was the hotties out of the party, at least I think they are they went to some store and got me some bikinis I was told to model for them in each one so they could take pictures and I would move on to the next bikini and they would keep taking pictures and I would keep posing for them. As those twos hours were done I had only one more before my mom, I put back my matching panties and bra and yoga pants then moved to the next group. As I arrived they held a bag that said naughty and nice, as they pulled out so woman lingerie.it was a teddy with a deep V , they also pulled out leggings and a garter belt. I was command of course to put it on, I then was command to gossip with them as I hated that it was a little girl talk with a lot of gossip, I then was told they were done and was to put the panties and bra back on and then the yoga pants then told to go to my moms office. I walked in to find her turn to the wall in her desk chair and she turned around and had another naughty and Nice bag. She then pulled out a French maids outfit I was then told to but on another pair of leggings and then a garter belt, as I did what I was told I then put the outfit on that I put on I then was told to put on some 5in heels and was told to go Clean the basement were the party had been going on, as I did what I was told I then had to ask all the groups if they need anything. I was done 30 mins early I then went back to the office where my mom had me take all my clothes off and stand in the corner and had each girl either spank me or grab my butt and I got 23 spankings and 5 or 6 grabs. I was then told to put the same yoga pants and panties on and go to Emily's group. When I got there they had handcuffs and I was was forced to then put a thong on and was handcuffed to the side of a bed and they would give me a wedgie and a spanking every once in a while. It was pain. They would also make fun of me and call me names and a bunch of other stuff. I was then done and only had one more to got it was my sisters. I was walked and pushed in to there room where all of this had started. As I walked in I was told they were done. It had only been like 5 mins, then my mom walked in with a night so I put that on then I was done. Then they told me to go to my dresser where all of my clothes were gone and where filled in with girl clothes, everything was filled panties dresses pants shirts shorts and socks and shoes, then all of the clothes I wore tonight were also mine and my sisters and mom told me to do whatever they wanted from now till when ever. All because when I was doing everything all the girls took pictures of me and if i didn't do something they wanted me to they would post it on the internet. Also later to find out my sisters and mom made an album of photos of me they would keep till this day they still have and also stiff make fun of me.
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Aug 19, 2014