The Zipper Caught, And Got Me Caught

   One day I decided to do my by now, way too usual routine. I went into my mom's bedroom after removing my clothing in my own bedroom. I opened mom's lingerie drawer. I grabbed a pair of her silky control type panties. They were white with a little pink rose on the front. I put on a pair of her oh silky feeling control top pantyhose. They were queen size and fit me well. I put on one of mom's bras. I was beginning to feel comfortable. I pulled one of mom's full slips from her drawer. I slid it onto my body. I put on mom's makeup: foundation, eyeliner, 3 shades of blue eye shadow, mascara, blusher on my cheeks, and 2 coats of very red lipstick. I also put on one of her pearl necklaces, bracelets, and clip on earrrings also pearl. i added a few bangle bracelets. I got an ankle bracelet from my sister Amy's room and put that on as well. I was really getting comfortable now. I decided to put on mom's pink colored floral print dress. It came to just above my knees and looked very pretty on me. Not near as gorgeous as it looked on my mom. With mom's ultra gorgeous legs and looks, no one could hope to look sexier than mom in that dress, but that is another story. I got mom's 3 inch heel navy colored slingback shoes out of a box in her closet. i adjusted the straps to fit tightly on my feet. Just for effect I grabbed a navy purse that mom carries when wearing those super sexy, delightful slingbacks (those shoes and their effect on me when she wears them is another story in itself also).

   I paraded around the house for awhile. I walked up to the mailbox at the end of the driveway a few times. I would imagine people in my neighborhood were used to this, they should have been as often as i did it. I went back in the house. I sat in the living room awhile. I eventually went to the kitchen to sit awhile. I checked my legs out as iI sat at the table. I stared at my feet in those lovely shoes. I was so happy and comfortable.

   Suddenly I heard the front door being unlocked and opened! My heart leapt into my throat as my pulse pounded. My mom had come back early from picking my sister up!!! Both of them were coming through the front door talking and laughing with each other about their day. I jumped up and ran through the dining room and into mom's bedroom through its backdoor. Her bedroom also had a front door opening into the hallway. I could not use it due to needing to walk through the livingroom to get to the hall. I was in an absolute panic!! It was almost at sheer terror level. I quietly closed mom' s bedroom door into the hall, all the way except for an inch or two. That door was loud when closed tight, you had to slam it to latch it. I could not do that obviously!

   I hurriedly began trying to undo the straps on the slingback shoes. They were so small and delicate in my paniced rushing state I could not unfasten the straps!!! I tried again to no avail. I tried pushing the strap down over the back of my heel. No way.  The shoes absolutely would not come off!! Desperately I decided to skip the shoes, and remove the dress only, then sneak into my room and work on the shoes and the pantyhose and panties and bra and slip. Mom would only likely notice the dress missing right at first. It was her only dress that color. The shoes and everything else, she would not see missing until she dressed next morning, if then. I figured I could slip them back in before that. This was a very good plan!

   I grabbed for the zipper on the back of the dress. By now you can imagine my panic level was off the chart!!! Its a wonder mom and sis did not hear my heart beating, it felt like it was going to leap from my chest. My pulse was going a hundred miles an hour also. I can do this I told myself! I fumbled around grabbing at the zipper pull tab. Finally I was able to grab it. I pulled on the zipper pull tab. The zipper moved about half an inch if that, and suddenly jammed on a piece of my slip!! I pulled harder, no good. I pulled the zipper back up. As it moved up it grabbed another piece of my slip! The zipper was now caught fast on my slip in at least two places. The zipper was only one quarter inch down from the very top!! The neckline of the dress would never slip up over my head or down over my body!

   Panic totally gripped me. The zipper is stuck, the dress won't come off, which means the slip won't come off, the bra won't come off. The straps on the high heels won't unfasten, so the high heels won't come off, which means the pantyhose won't come off, which means the panty won't come off!!!  In sheer panic, I struggled and struggled with the zipper and dress. i was even making grunting noises and saying "ohhhh". "come on zipper" "uhhhh. I pulled frantically "Uhhhh, don't do this to me!" I said a bit too loudly. Just as those words exited my mouth, mom's bedroom backdoor into the dining room opened. A split second later mom's bedroom front door to the hallway opened also. My sister walked into mom's room from the diningroom, as mom walked in from the hall. There I was dressed totally enfemme, struggling to get the dress unzipped. They both shrieked, then sis started laughing her head off. Mom said "AH HA! Well, well, well. Look Amy at what your brother has been up to while we were away." I just stopped struggling with the zipper, and was about ready to cry. My sister said "What I'm amazed at is he or should I say 'she' wasn't even tottering on those high heels while he/she was struggling.Hahahaha. I think he's used to wearing high heels. Hahahah!" Mom said "Now I know who has been wearing all my shoes lately. That sure explains the broken straps, worn heels, gravel nicks. Also I guess I know who stretched some of my shoes a half size or so, don't I?" Sis said "The sissy has been in my clothes too I am sure of it.".

    Sis said "I think he/she looks so very cute and pretty and feminine." Mom said "I am afraid I would have to agree" She then examined the dress on me and found the stuck zipper. She freed it after awhile. She told me "There it is free. But since you went to all that trouble, and you look so very feminine and pretty, you can stay dressed that way while you sit and explain why you were doing this. Especially after I caught you before. Remember you said you would not do it again?". My sister laughed and sat down with us to hear my explainations. I asked "Does she have to stay?" Mom said "Yes, it concerns her and her clothes too apparantly."

   After much explaining, Mom let me get undressed. I am sure she really did not believe I would never do it again. Sis did not believe it either. They both seemed to know what I already knew, I was a crossdresser. 

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