I Was Cauhgt Tonight

I when out for a walk at near 10'o clock to night. When I went out I'm in male's out fit, And I took a female suit with me. I also got a pair of heels that about 5cm high in my bag.
I went to a woman restroom that I knew which not much people using it, go in a cabin, close the door and have my clothes changs. this is the first time I crossdress out side. I put on my 38D bra, blouses, pantyhose, skirt and heels. Of cause wits to, I could pretend to be some one on her way home after duty. I didn't have any make up so all I did was just dress up and then walk out the toilet. The small dark toilet was so hot that I got sweated up. as I walk down the path, I fought I felt in love with the material of femi out fit! It's light, soft, cool and so comfirtable.
And then, I chose some dark quirt street to walk down. I was going to a park that time. I had to cross a maid street still, but that's not I worry about as I beleave that one one care of me. I do nevers when I walked into small streets. If some guy comes up to do something bad, That's not my plant.
Some ten minute passed I got to the park. I think I was looking soo odd as I am in a uniform, walking in a park after Tiphone at 23:00 at night. If I saw some girl in this situtation, I might got hard in not time.
As got other bussiness, I make my way to a toilet again. Before I chang my male things back, I fought I forgot my camera home. digging for some time I start to change clothes. taking shoes and skirts first. At the same time, I feagure out that I am in the "right" place, the male site. More importan thing is that, this is the open one. my things were still everywhere, my tops was still for girl.
Mean while, steps coming up toward my place. a guy was coming and I just can't finish my action. Then, saddly he got to the gate and saw my heels. I was in harf man- harf woman look. that guy put a pazar face to me, then say "F***", turn and gone.
Out of never, I love this. but next time, I would have better prepare before get out. looking forward to hear form you all :)
Nuwkov Nuwkov
2 Responses Jul 23, 2010

I'm too good looking girl and love being in open. Nice cool wind at the top of my legs, I'm suitable girl in mini dress or skirt, cos I have beautiful legs, soooo girlie. I'm not **** like dirty girl looking for men. I've been crossdressing for years and now nice lady.

The first time is a real rush, isn't it! That rush doesn't seem to wear off that quickly either.