Caught In The Woods

I was caught when I was out in the woods by my house when I was 15. I went back there wearing a pair of pantyhose under a pair of tight silky pink running shorts. I also had on a pink spaghetti strap tank top on with a bra underneth the shirt with two nerf like baseballs to fill me out. I was running around in the woods and I came to a clearing and was sitting on a log. I hear some rustling leaves and look up. There is a guy coming towards me and I start to get up and he tells me to stay there. SO I wait and he comes up to me and tells me that he likes what he see's and that he wants to see me on my knees in front of him. So I get on my knees and he tells me to grab his **** so I reach in his pant's and pull his **** out and I start to stroke it and he tells me to go ahead and suck it. Itake his **** it's about eight inches long and I wrap my mouth around it and start to bob my head up and down on it. He grabs my head and starts holding my head in place and starts to **** my mouth and he is moaning how great my mouth feels. He then has me pull my shorts down and has me walk over to the log and lean over it. He then starts rubbing my *** checks thrugh the pantyhose. He then gets behind me and starts rubbing his against my *** through the hose. Then he ttakes his hand and rips the pantyhose  and he starts rubbing his **** against my *******. He tells me that he wants me to beg for it . I start asking him to make into his *** **** and that I want him stick that hard **** in my tight *** and make me his *****. At that point he slowly enters into my *** and starts to **** and he is getting harder and faster with every passing moment untill he ******* my *** hard and fast. He is ******* me like this for about ten to fifteen minutes and Then I start to *** without touching my hard ****. After I *** he tells me that he is shooting his *** up my ***. Then he stops ******* me and leaves his **** in my *** for a fwew minutes while we catch our breathes. Then he pulls his **** out of my *** and pulls his pants up and smacks me on the *** and says thanks ****. Then he turns and walks away. While I sit there another few minutes and catch my breath. Then I go and put my clothes back on and go back home.
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exciting adventure . thanks for sharing .

That's one hell of a walk on the wild side!!

I will say this when you get caught you get caught did you ever see him again

Wow...when you were caught crossdressing, you ended up "doing it all"! Very lucky gurl to have such a great first experience.


Hi, I'm from jakarta indonesia. Looking a (real) girl to share my story. Please mention me on twitter @berondongsma i want to check if you were real

What an absolutely fabuluous way to get caught crossdressing. Wish I could have that experience. Do you think you could add me as a friend please?

that's awesome !!! love playing in the woods!!!!!!!!!

What a great story...and at the tender age of 15!

HOT!!! Please add me so I can see your hot pictures!

Wow, I got a wet spot on my panties from that

I wish i could run into you in the woods, I got a hard on dreaming i seen your hot *** there, I would love to watch those balls bouncing in your bra while i pound your hot ***!


Great little story makes me want to go Hiking!

I wrote a story "Caught" about when I was caught at work that I think you would like. Nothing sexier when the unexpected turns into something special. KISSES....

Would love to be caught like that and forced to suck and be ****** by a big **** like a little sissybitch !!

Oh Myyyyyyyy!!!! i have a tiny wet spot in my panties right now !!!

Oh Myyyyyyyy!!!! i have a tiny wet spot in my panties right now !!!

Oh Myyyyyyyy!!!! i have a tiny wet spot in my panties right now !!!

Oh Myyyyyyyy!!!! i have a tiny wet spot in my panties right now !!!

Oh Myyyyyyyy!!!! i have a tiny wet spot in my panties right now !!!

Very exciting, why can't wonderful things like this happen to me.

I enjoyed reading your story. So much that I came a little in my panty's. I've thought sometimes about something similar happening to me. Only the men I have met mostly only want me to suck them off, *** in my mouth and have me swallow their ***. Did you ever meet up with him again ?

I just may be the guy for you. I have always wanted to give it to a cute guy while he is wearing panties, as long as he returns the favor.

I had a similar experience and know just how you feel. It was thje first time I was caught wearing panties

amen to that

Wow, that is an exciting story. You never know what exciting thinks you will find in the woods. :)