My wife and I just returned from Walmart where the sales girl noticed my pantyhose, thong and then my bra.

My wife was in the grocery department, while I was shopping in the women's wear department. I had just come out of the bath room and my outer shirt was caught up, it wasn't covering what it was suppose to. I had a dress and a couple packages of boy shorts in hand and was squatted down looking for thongs in my size. I noticed the sales girl standing still at the end of the aisle, when I would look at her she looked away. I thought that she thought that I was going to lift something. I noticed her walking toward me, didn't think anything of it. She stopped right beside me, bent over, put her hand on my bra "Your pantyhose and thong are showing and I can feel your bra." Immediately I stood up and pulled my outer shirt down. I turned to face her, red in the face of course. She says "Hey it's cool a lot of guys wear women's clothes including my brother and my boy friend." She even told me that she bought her little brother clothes with every other pay check. I asked her if we could speak in the semi private area in the center. We were chatting for a few minutes when she nudges me into one of the dressing rooms. I am so turned on having been caught by this girl that I have a raging hard on that is very obvious through my jeans. She runs her hands over my jeans and asked "Is that really you?" I told her yes. She said that she had never seen one that big and asked to see it. I had to decline as my wife might come to get me any minute. She then turned away from me and flashed her *** at me, turned her head and winked. I went back and got 2 packages of thongs and went to find my wife.
Actually, we didn't just get back from walmart... I had to take care of something as soon as we got home. My wife reaped the benefits of me being caught .
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Great story a similar thing has happened to me out also. One time wasV.S. I was looking at the stuff and one of the sales girls said you would like these better I think. I looked at her and she said we all know guys like to wear our line too and can spot a CD by the way they take their time and look at tthe sizes. Plus the outlines of your Bra.
She said so don't be afraid of shopping we are friendly and the ones that don't understand this don't stay here to long.
So go out shopping. It's like having a personal assistant

Loved it

Thank you.


Great story. Have you returned to shop at the Walmart?

Many times.

great experience. i love it when others know. and you are a lucky gurl. one to have a mate like you do and two that you are smart enough to know how special she is and not cheat. much love phyliss

Thank you for your comment.

no problem. although i was once ashamed and frightened,i have decided what the heck. afterall clothing really has no gender and females for ages have worn attire that they liked regardless of percieved gender. And males tend to be so insecure. High heels originated I am told with a french king who was short and for horse riding to keep feet in stirrups. Also old masters paintings show males with what has come to be fem (lace,ruffles.velvet,etc) As soon as females started to wear it,males did not any longer

Yet another story that goes to show that the rest of should just hang up our inhibitions and go out and enjoy it. Thanks for sharing x

I wish I had so much nerve to dress in public.

i dont know what i would have done if it was me you are awesome

That was a very cool event and it goes to show that contrary to common belief, there are women that find it erotic for men to wear women's lingerie, myself included. Growing up with a brother that crossdressed probably led her to seek a boyfriend that does also. It could be that my father's crossdressing influenced me in that way.<br />
Several of my girlfriends wish they could get their boyfriends / hubbies to wear panties and hose.

Many G G's are coming around to realizing that they can reap the bennies of being with a hetero cross dresser.
Thank you for your comment.

That is very, very exciting sweety

Thank you.

Excellent story ! I would love the thrill of being caught by a sexy young and obviously open minded young lady ! Hope you get caught again !!!

I'm sure that I will.

Gotta love those Walmart girls!


u lucky girls

We make our own luck.

I agree. Sometimes it's challenging and scary, but this makes it even more exciting.

what a great experience u should go bk to meet her but take ur wife along aswell

We have gone back quite a few times.

Most times my wife is with me. My wife is the one who loves to do this. It could get costly, so we don't do this every weekend, but often enough.
We would like to meet another couple to shop with; it almost happened.

Great story, a real turn on. I too like to shop for panties and lingerie at wal mart, especially while wearing panties and lingerie and bending over and exposing my panties. would love to meet another cd and tease each other with panty peaks and then proceed to restroom for some mutal oral sex.<br />
After hearing that wal mart had a policy against letting men try on womens clothes I decided to ask a clerk at my local wal mart and she said no, that wal mart had no such policy.

I buy blouses,ladys shorts,thongs and panties at Wal-Mart,the ladys don`t mind some even picked out some panties for me and another day asked how they fit.

lucky you so you be shopping at wholly world on your own next time

I am loyal to my wife, no way that I would ever cheat on her.

That is so nice to read here, where so many seem to encourage others to "go for it" and "get what you can." Thank you.

I had the saleslady come into my change room once but my gf was outside and she tore a ***** off the saleslady for doing that.

Would have been great to read that you had a menage a trios.

Fabulous story <br />
Thanks for sharing<br />
Hugs<br />

You're welcome Sis.

Pretty sweet story! I got caught once in pumps while in mens cloths, it kinda turned me on too!

I know the feeling Sis.

I would like to think I would have used good judgement as you did if I were in that situation, with my wife there (if I was married). But I gotta say, I'm not sure if I could.

It was tough, believe me.

well done I have tried to place myself in situations where I could get caught, but never been lucky yet!

Sorry to hear that. Try being more obvious.

They're almost say nothing, have a glimpse and do their thing. If I hear deprecatingly words or giggles (almost from teenager - they have much to learn, i think) I try to ignore that. But some girls smile at me.<br />
<br />
I hope some time I will get a really good comment from a nice girl that fall in love with me...

That is a dream for many Sis'.

I'm glad that you had this experience. I wish that get some more opportunities...

Thank you for your comment. Do you get good comments from GG's that notice?

I love this expereince.

Thank you for your comment. It is a great rush.