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Caught Wearing Moms Swimsuit

When I was about 14 my dad caught me wearing my moms 2 peice swimsuit. He asked me why I had her swimsuit on and I told him I just wanted to see how it felt no me. Then he said do you want to be a girl and I said no. He said "do you know what girls do?" and I said no what. That's when he unziped his pants and took his C**k out and told me to put it in my mouth. I did as he told me to do and he worked it in and out for about 10 min then he shot his c** in my mouth and told me to take it all and not to spit it out. after he was finished he asked me if I liked doing that because thats what girls do. I told him no and he said if he caught me again I would have to do that again and then he left my room. By that time I was so hard that I had to relive myself. He never caught me again but at times I was hoping he would.
steffiecd steffiecd 51-55, T 9 Responses Apr 17, 2012

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Nice story! - I like wearing women's swimsuits too

There are a lot of caught crossdressing groups, stories out there. this was good, short and sweet, to the point.

thank you

Sure thing. I was never caught myself, but that's because I 'came out of the closet' first.

how did that go?

Thus far, only mother has fully accepted me knowing I should have been born female. Well my cousin in Texas does too, but I just reconnected with her yesterday via Facebook.

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Oh my. I don't know how would react if someone ever did something like that to me. Though I suspect it wouldn't be good.

Why did you not just say that you liked it?

If you liked it, that's enough. There are a few times I came close to having some "interesting" adventures as a child, but never did. I'm pretty sure I'd have had a lot of fun, even if I was "too young". I love hearing stories like yours where it worked out nice. I've heard to many nasty ones too. I don't like them.

step dad is cool, sorryfor being rude

ur dad was sick imo

He was my step dad and yes he was a perv but I did like sucking his ****.

Exciting story sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />

Hot getting caught story, thanks for sharing.