I Was Caught In A Bra By My Older Brother And His Friend...

I'm new to this site and started reading some of the stories on men dressing in women's clothes. One always reads stories that this is a widespread fetish, but when you do it, you feel so perverted. I was maybe twelve or thirteen when I started doing it...I took one of my Mom's plain white brassieres out of the laundry basket one afternoon and locking myself in the bathroom tried it on in front of the mirror. I was just a kid but I loved it. Over the next year or so I filched a pink bra and a pair of panties off my older sister...she was more my size, and then a pair of new pantyhose out of my mom's drawer...they were in an egg. Then one of my sister's pink sweaters and one of her skirts that she'd put in a bag for goodwill. That was my ensemble and I'd squirm into it as soon as I had the house to myself, looking in the floor length mirror in my Mom and Mad's room.
It was great. Then in the summer one morning when everyone was at work or out I couldn't help but do it...it was hot as hell and we didn't have air conditioning...this was back in the early seventies and hardly anybody did, and I was sweating in that sweater, but there I was in front of the mirror and our neighbor was mowing his grass and I never heard my brother and his friend coming in the house...they were standing in the doorway to my parents room staring at me in shock...he was sixteen or so and in an instant I was begging him not to tell and he just called me a ****** and shoved me down hard. He never told anyone...but we were never close to this day, I feel it in the air between us. His friend was another matter. Eddie came by our house a week later when I was there alone and he told me to "get dressed" or he'd tell everyone. I did it...in the bathroom and came out and he was sitting on my bed...he told me to get over there, touching me...tissues in the brassiere cups under the sweater. "Here" he said and pulled me in and kissed me hard on the mouth...I didn't kiss back...it was my first kiss. And then he told me to kneel...when I hesitated he again threatened to tell everyone I was queer. I knelt even though I didn't know what he was going to do. He undid his jeans and pulled them down, his erection springing up. He told me to touch it and when I hesitated he put my hand on it. "Now suck it" he ordered, and put it up to my lips. "open your mouth" he said and I did and he slid it right in, it was smooth and he was thrusting and he came in probably a minute. I remember spitting it up on the hardwood floor while he pulled up his jeans. Eddie came over our house maybe a dozen times that summer and it was always the same routine...he made me jerk off in front of him once, other than that it was just him getting off in my mouth while I was "dressed" I saw him about ten years ago and he couldn't look me in the eye...I wish he had, and that he'd called me his little ***** little *****, which I was for that summer. Today I'm pretty straight and married...I fantasize about cross dressing but don't...have not been with a man since that summer. I'm glad I shared this.
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It's a turn on to look back at times like that.