Sisters Catches Me Dressed

I have been secretly wearing my sister 's clothes since my early teens, and have always had the thought of what a thrill it would be to get caught! Well a recent summer saw my parents go away for a couple of weeks on holiday. Me and my sister stayed at home, however she was dog sitting near by so she would only come back if she was going in to work and needed her stuff. One morning I woke up earlier and knowing it was one of the mornings she would be coming in to grab her work clothes I set about dressing up. I wanted to make sure I was wearing the girlyest stuff possible, I picked out some sexy underwear, a little jean mini skirt, these sexy black tights with little red hearts on, some cute little fur boots and a top which hung off my shoulders, showing off the bra i had on. Once completely dressed, I pulled up the frilly pink thong I had on so it could be seen just above my skirt, so it was obvious for her to see. Just as I did this I remember hearing the front door open, hit by sudden panic I ran back in to my room and shut the door. I stood behind the door thinking about what to do as i heard my sister come up the stairs!! I froze and then my choice was made for my as she called my name and walked straight in to my room!! There i was dressed head to toe in her clothes. "hahaha o my god, what are you doing!!?", I was soo embarrassed but I remember thinking o well caught now so I gave her a slow twirl at which point she clearly saw the back of her pink thong sticking up above her skirt and started laughing again saying "hahaha you're even wearing my thong hahaha, sexy" Fortunately she was late for work and had to rush off shortly after but was soo soo embarrassed
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bet that was very exciting

Good for you! And a fine choice in attire lol

Love your story don't really know if I would want to be caught by my sister

i wish i had a sister i could dress up in her clothes!

Its so natural for some guys to wear panties and step into a short skirt and snap your bar in place

and just be a Girl

we know our calling :P x

Like, yeah you should get caught again.

For me, I was never caught. I exposed my true self, to mixed reactions. So far, only mother has fully accepted the female I should have been.

Ehhh...if you could see what I go through on a daily basis, you'd not think so highly of anyone I live with, especially her. 'A phase...' that is precisely what I've been turned into with my knowledge of who I am. Amy, not the name I was given, that is me, damn it.

Not necessarily, not when bigotry is LAW. I live in a toxic environment with no realistic escape possible. You can ask me all you want about friends and family and other options, but none of those are realistic options.

Awesome , Great experience for you . You did what many want to do, please tell us what else she said later. Thanks , Have fun!!!

And later that day....?

I didn't see her for a couple of days she did tease me for a bit a while after tho x

That was nice that she didn't get all crazy upset and yell

That's sweet, that is soo me, my sister like's it when I wear her cloths

WOW she never confronted you later. I am suprised my sister freaked out.

so..? did she help you later on?

nah think she thought it was just a random thing

Let her catch u on purpose next time and tell her tour experiencing another side of you for fun

hmmm i may do this... x

Dont be embarassed hun. You cant deny your deep desire to be a sexy girl. The sooner your family knows the better and you can get serious about becomeing a fulltime girl. Now that sis knows, maybe you and her can share a girls makeover night and she can help you with your makeup and acting like a sexy girl. Its going to be so exciteing for you !

:), a girls makeover night would be my idea of luxury!!

i kinda wish i cldve been a position that was more comfortable to dress up. i grew up with a lil bro so for many years i kept my lust for womens cloths secret as i was to be his role model. well now i where girls jeans and a thong in public all the time (except at work, lol) but now they seem natural and my brother even sticks up for me when others accuse me of being gay, he sets them rights and makes sure they know my orentation letting them know that im engadged to the girl of my dreams and that i just find them comfortable.

When i was 10 years old i wanted to look girly so i put my mom's clothes including a wig i looked in a mirror, and said this is really me today i buy my own dresses, and lots of other stuff. then i had an appointment with urinologist i just had tak off my pants, and panty then the nurse gave me a big peice of paper than i made a skirt out of it when the nurse saw i did a little twirl in front of her as though i wanted to show it off she liked that.

i seen my best friends little brother dressed in a nightie and hose! i never said a word! i know he saw me looking. he never came around me for a couple of years! he is very nervous when i see him! im not going to snitch him out! honestly? he looked pretty cute! now he comes around me when im alone but if there are friends around he shys away! i have whispered to him that im not ever going to bring it up! i went to see him last weekend and he wouldnt talk alot to me!

Wow! what happened when you saw her again?

the posibility of embarrassed is part of what makes xdresses

nice . . .I would love to catch you dressed like that . . . I would pull my **** out and make you suck it like a good little girl ;)~

sound sooooooo good!

haha would you now :P.....

oh god yes give me your beautiful ****. :O

I'm well experienced in that area. I will be ready anytime. And you wouldn't have to make me, I'd be down on both knees immediately as You unzip.

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Wonderful story, thank you for sharing. Does your sister approve of you wearing her clothes?

think she just kinda of thort it was a one off x

is ok baby

But I'll bet you were excited at the same time !

crazy excited, loved it really lool x

haha yep, both were damn tight tho x

Fabulous sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />

Did she let u dress after that

haven't asked, want tooo tho

love the story!!! add me as a friend please!!!

Looks to me like you're loving every bit of this, 20nik! Love your story.<br />
<br />

she teased me a fair bit after, when would bump into her she would pull up my tshirt and just say she was checking if had gone for knickers today, also she defo told a few of her mates, the biatch haha

to be honest i pretty much did chicken out, haha :P, just .... well got caught i guess lol

Very nice.<br />
Back in my teens I was wanting to get caught by my mother and even dressed up many times 'waiting' for her to come home but when it come time I always chickened out.<br />
I didnt have to worry because she did finally catch me when I was not planing to.<br />
You where very brave to do that.<br />
It would of been very exciting for you.

Oh well now, Robyn, can't even recall the number of times i so wished my mom would catch me in her lingerie, dresses and both her formal evening and bridal plus her sexy satin night gowns. If caught I hoped she'd make me become the daughter I was suppose to be for her! She came close but usually turned away from entering my room before opening the door!

still i bet the thrill was amazing :) x

Yeh I wonder if she still thinks about it or knows that when am home alone I still dress more slutty than she could imagine

You need to dress up again, wait till she gets home and let her see you again. Then let us know what happens gurl.

i really do, or am tempted to 'accidently' let her see my thong slip under my normal clothes - see if she says anything