Cristina's Sissy-*****

My step sisster had tons of clothes laying around her room, and me I just loving stealing some and sleeping in them. I love wearing her tight panties all the time. She wasn't dumb though she knew for days that I've been taking her clothes because they were always misplace and she did certain things but I really hadn't notice. I've moved in with her and her mom because my dad sold the house and was always away. So me being the sissy cross-dresser that I am I always grab dresses, panties, wigs, i even grab her d,ildo once and played with it. I really love it. My step sister would set up little traps in her room because she started to think I was taking her clothes and wearing them. Our mom wouldn't get back till late at night like 2am and my step sistah always goes out after school. Now the traps began. Trap1. When she came back, she saw that a piece of lead was broken, she put it in such a way that it would break if the doors happens to be open by anyone. She knew what I had grab too, it was a pair of pink panties, heels, and vibratos. Trap2. The next time she went out she left her door handle about four inches down so when I went in to grab a girly dress and booty shorts I didn't notice the door handle being adjusted. Trap3 the final trap to prove to her that I really was in her room wearing all of her girly clothing and being a sissy boy. A hidden video camera. What she caught on camera...... Omg that's what made me their sissybitch. She then told me she was going out and won't be back till 9pm. As soon as she left I ran quickly to her room and put on some very thin panties but yet couldn't see my small penis over that I threw on some booty shorts that were very tight and finally a nice girly shirt. Little did I know my step sister had some of her friends come with her and they went around the house and saw me threw her window she left open a crack just so she could see. I was playing in her room all girly and sissy. Then she came inside the house quietly with like three of her girlfriends and then as soon as she gets close to her room BOOM BUSTIEST open the door room where I was all SlutttlyLooking. At first I was really embarrass, her friends giggling in the back and all. She said to me in a soft voice. "It's okay my little sissy we've know about you loving to dress up like a real girly girl for days." I was like really sis? Then her friend comes in and say's "Oh yeah, we do. You might not know us but we know a lot about you." My step sister mentions the traps she been setting up. I felt really horrrny and powerless for some reason I guess its because I love when girls know I'm a really sissy. She explain everything to me. Then one of her friends talks about that video and said form now on you'll have to listen to all of us, or else well show everyone at your school how much you like putting big long fat d,ildos up your little a,sshole sissy girl. My little diiick got hard and said ookkkkaaay in a scared little voice. They dress me in many things they seem to love putting panties on me the most, pink ones black ones green ones blue ones. All kind. They had me show off my small penis off while wearing make up and a wig with a bra they LOVE TO TEASE MY LITTLE PENIS AND LAUGH AT IT, I didn't care because I really, really like it though they were being extremely nice. I guess it's because I was a good little sissy boy. A week later my step sister said to her friends you guys can do whatever you guys want to to my little sissy sister, so my step sister friends told me when we get back form school we wanna see you in your sister's room wearing a mini skirt showing off your little hot a,ss because were going to have a very special surprise when we get back sissy girl. I was really enjoying myself and very excited to what they were going to do to me now. They got back and came in side the room and showed me a nice pink strap-on they even took turns using it on me it was a amazing feeling... I really love my step sistah and her girlfriends i just love being a sissybitch for them..
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what a very fun story and time for you

My real name is luke but I wish I was u


i really enjoyed your stroy i wish i had this happen to me

Hi i loved story had sisters who like to dress me and set my hair. Cheryl

I wish I had someone in my family like ur step sister, and its so hard to let people know so personally I think ur the most lucky guy on the world

wow you are one lucky sissy. i wish i had a stepsister as great as your and i hope her and her friends bring you many hours of sissy playtime

I like been a girl i 40 i shave my le last night and they feel so good

omfg i would love tht....i like wearin any girl clothes thx 4 the story

I'm kinda a virgin sissy like never been with a dominant girl but thats mostly cause i'm a sissy an scared too lol anywho I think this is cute an I wish i was in your situation:)

can i see a picture of ur sistahs ******* u

damn best story ever

I know where my sister keeps her ***** but im scared to take it

you are so lucky to have such a nice step sister and her nice friends