Caught Wearing Stockings And A Skirt

I used to go to my best friends house and always wore my stockings we were sat in his lounge drinking and after a while I had to go to the loo so I went out in the hallway just wearing my stockings and high heels and went to the loo.
I played with myself while I was in there and pissed over myself so that when I stood up **** was running down my stockings to my shoes .

After I had finished I went back up to his room and the rotten sod had locked the door so I had to knock loudly to get him to open it.

I was cross and told him so as he lived in a shared basement but he just laughed becaudse although I always wore girls clothes at his house he was always fully dressed but I had got back in thev room without being seen but he did not shut the door and a few minutes later Jack came into the room and walked through to the kitchen and saw me in my stockings.

The next night when I went to daves house he had someone come to the door so I put my clothes back on although the guy John I was pretty sure could tell I was wearing stockings but he said nothing.
When I got up to leave Dave said give John a lift home which I refused but he kept on so eventually I gave in and we went out to my car and altough I new John just lived a hundred yards up the road with his nurse girlfriend he said lets go for a drive so before we started I could see he was playing with his **** so we drove I dropped my trousers and ******** as we were driving so I was only wearing a bra stocking and sus belt I drove him up the hill to a laybye got out the car and walked round to his side and as he lay on the seat with his legs out the door I gave him a blow job deep throat style for a good fifteen minutes. I kept stopping with his **** fully embeded in my mouth and gagging and reching but I would swallow it all down.
Then his phone wrang so as I could hear it in his pocket I pulled itv out pressed the answer button and handed it to him as I held him down on the seat and started to suck him in earnest.
IT was his girlfriend asking him where he was so he told her he was at Daves house and dont bother  coming round as he would be home in a few minutes as he came in my mouth flooding it as I swallowed and he tried not to make a noise.
I finished sucking him and xcleaned him up then walked round to the drivers side got in and not bothering tp get dressed I drove us back to Cheltenham and dropped  him outside his front door.

I then drove back up the hill and  went for a walk in thev woods but that is a story for another time.

Oh I swallowed all his *****
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Great story! Thanks.

Fabulous sweetie

I know but its awsome being caught in a skirt