Panties = Penis

It all started at school I was wearing panties and little did I know we were going swimming today and I had to change with another boy, when we got there we were sent to the changing rooms and I was so scared of what was going to happen we got in the changing room and the other boy was hot I started to undress and I heard "they are a nice colour" I froze I was excited and scared, I turned around in my panties ans he was
there naked and erect he
said "you are going to do some things for me" and I was shaking with excitement he told me to get on my knees when I did he shoved his hard **** in my mouth I took every inch and loved it he cummed and I swallowed all of it, then we got changed and went swimming and came back to the changing room to see him already naked and hard I was about to get on my knees but he said to turn around and prepare your arse I did and he stuck it in I nearly screamed but it was good. That's what you get when you wear panties guys.
jamiecarter jamiecarter
Sep 23, 2012