Oops Payback

I was about 6 or 7 when my mom saw me putting on peds (nylon socks) and said I looked cute. So I didn't think any thing about it until my dad saw me in them. Then commented if he sees me wearing them again he would dress me like a girl from head to toe and even my hair, and go to Church that way. I was petrified and didn't do it any more. I didn't know but mom told her sister (Mae). And her one daughter heard her (Gail) who told her sister (Lynn). I stayed at auntie Mae,s some times when my parents went out. After Lynn found out the next time I went over The 3 kids where playing in her room. She shut the door and said she knew about the peds. And if I didn't wear Gail's panties she would tell everyone. I was a petrified as when dad was going to do. So I put on the panties, Lynn told me that I had to wear them when every I was at their house. And I had wear them to and from their house also, and I better not lose them. This happened after I had walked in on my cousin (Shirl) in Oops. Lynn was talking with Shirl at a family gathering. And was nice enough tell my Shirl what see knew. A couple of days later when my parent weren't home. She came up to me and said Lynn and I had a nice talk and I know. Once again I was petrified, her is how it will go for now on you are mine. I could only agree, you wear panties all the time at home. If your dad finds out, it was your ideal not mine. So be careful get it, all I could do was nod my head.
After that I did all her chores when my parent where home and volunteer when they where. I painted her toe nails did her laundry (that is how I learned to wash woman's clothing), zipped up her dress. I was her little servant and of course she told Lynn and Gail which used me the same. So she got her pay back for a long time
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All males should serve one or more females, so this is an excellent situation you were in.

I didn't know it then but I did enjoy it later and still do. Yes you are correct about being subservient, and wearing panties or pantyhose all the time

Peds arent all fror girls though. I wear them and I only secretly crossdress still, but my point is places self them for boys ... I notice more of my friend wearing them this year

Do you wear nylons or pantyhose also?

Nothin more public than a 3am jog yet, but I sleep in them a lot and wear them around the house

Nylons around the house or pantyhose?

But you enjoyed dressing in pretty panties, didnt you? Love, Marcy

Didn't want to admit to when it happened at first. But as time went on yes I did

Fabulous sweetie

glad you enjoy the story

Thanks for the reply. Some sisters would rather blackmail. What happened after that?

That's the age we all tried on our sisters or moms clothes. I was caught wearing my sisters red bloomers. I sneaked into her dresser and got them while she was sleeping and when I got them on and back into bed, she came in and pulled my covers down and saw me.
she told on me and as I got spanked wearing the bloomers, she giggled

What happened after that, did you do it again?

Yes I kept sneaking into my sisters room, I wore panties and she caught me I wore her bras and panties & she caught me again, next time I put her good Easter dress on with a petticoat and this time she told my mom and I was spanked in her panties and slip. Mom & sis told me not to wear anything again or they would make me dress all the time.
I wanted to do it so bad that I just kept on doing it.

One day sis caught me again and made me stay dressed till mom came home and they dressed me up real cute and that s the way I stayed all summer long

My guess is that you loved it. Did they take you out in public? If so what was your name? Anyone you know see you?

Yes they paraded me up and down out main street and showed me off in some of the dress stores too. My name is BobbyLee and is the same today.
I was wanting so much to wear girls clothes that I just kept wearing their clothes as soon after they caught me as I could get them. They finally gave in and made me a girl.

After the dress shop want was next? Did the ever take you out again?

My sister dressed me in one of her lace dresses and petticoat, put makeup on me painted my nails, then she had some of her girlfriends stop over and they got to laugh and giggle as I modeled more clothes for them.

Do you go by Bobby Lee?

Yes that is what everyone calls me today, sometimes I get called sissy Bobby too.

Not that day, but my sister took me out most every weekend in petticoats and dresses. My sister was very naughty and she liked to humiliate me as much as she could.
She told her best girl friend and a few more neighbor girls and they always wanted to have me around to have fun teasing me/
Sis & the girls took me downtown with them to go into a dress store, after I was inside trying on a dress, they sneaked out and left me there by myself. I could either stay there and be laughed at or walk out and try to find them. I left the store and had to walk a few block by myself till they picked me up and took me home.
The girls always wanted to watch me get off in my dresses before I would go home, so now I get turned by showing girls how I like to do it.

You have grown due to them. However I could not said that I Have felt how you feel as mine was not in public as you were

U just have to decide what you want out of life. You only live once, so if you want to be a sissy or just dress like a girl then you just do it. I knew there would be plenty of teasing from my family and I knew I'd be disowned by all my friends, but I wanted to be a sissy so bad , that I didn't care.
I got all dressed up and went to town and let everyone see me and when they ask why I was wearing girls clothes, I told them I had been doing it for years and was tired of hiding it. I told them this is me and that when they see me I will be dressed this way from now on.
I lost my wife and All but one of my friends dumped me. One girl, that I knew was a bisexual remained a distant friend and we get together and talk sometimes.
So if you see me on the street, and you want to point at me and laugh go ahead it doesn't bother me one bit. I am what I want to be and love it.

So if you really want to it, there is nothing stopping you, just your pride, so take a deep breath and do it.

I am not that person

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Awesome ... you defintely have some interesting cousins. It would have been interesting if you had been caught by your dad and he carried through with his treat to feminize you. I wonder if he would have or not. What do you think?

don't know I was to scare that he would and II would be made fun off. Now yes I do wish I was caught

Just what I thought ... ;-)

Boys don't do that remember the year it happened not like now where might be ok