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I am sure most of us have been caught wearing girls clothes as i have on numerous occasions the first being when i was 8 by my mother who freaked out and told me little boys dont wear heels.

Anyway i thought i would tell you about the time i was caught by a friends wife. It was one friday night and i was all dolled up and thought it would be a good idea to go for a drive as i often do to find somewhere quiet where i can go for a walk.

i was returning home got out of the car and opened my porch door to find my friends wife sitting on he floor waiting to see me she often came round after they had rowed. i didnt know who was more suprised me or her.

i invited her in and instead of her telling me about the latest row she wanted me to tell her all about my life as a tv. I was amazed that she wanted to know all abou me. We are now best friend nd when her hubby goes out she often comes round and we have girly chats. my friend her husband has no clue about my alter ego

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I was 10 years old when i got caught wearing girls clothes in my bedroom.

Another winner !!!! You one lucky guy........

I came late to your story Louise, but how absolutely lovely. Something like that would help solve my problems!

Nice to hear a realistic story!

thats just amazing =)

Great story with a positive outcome.

So glad you are happy, Louise!<br />
<br />
Someone to talk to really helps,doesn't it?

that is so cool. I know what you mean about your mother freaking out, after I had been caught we had to have a talk, and unlike many on here whose mothers seemed to have been understanding, mine threatened me with "taking you to see a psychiatrist". Talk about trauma! My mother became totally homophobic after that concerning me.

Never caught but some close ones. Ahh, an understanding someone to talk too would be so nice.

Cool story, and nice to see someone be so open minded! Actually there are lots of women ok with the idea of CD, TV men. I met one and soon will marry her :)