I got truly dressed up once, but igot caught in pantyhose a few times and a lot of close calls... I was in 9th grade and my friend stayed with us for 2 weeks while his Mom was out of town. We had fun but I really missed my alone time before my parents got home. For 2 weeks I waited to be able to try on Mom's clothes. On the last day we came home from school and he got his stuff and left. I waited about 20 minutes and then rushed into Moms stuff. Silky pantyhose first, silky panties next, then a bra and slip. The on with a nice flowing flowery dress that came to just above my knees. I put on some strappy heels and walked around. I was still in early puberty and back then being dressed did something to my hormones... so I began to deal with things. Then I heard a shout from outside, when I looked out the window I saw my friend on his bike heading to our house. I panicked... I hid in the closet. He had forgot something and searched the house for me, and he found me. He laughed and laughed. I was mortified, and after he calmed down we talked. I told him the truth, I just liked the way womens clothes felt and made me feel. He nodded, and agreed to keep it on the down low. Sadly, he lied. Our friendship died that day too. I was working a a restaraunt and he and 2 of his new friends came in. They whispered and laughed and pointed at me, all the fears about the freak I might be surfaced. I was truly ashamed of my dressing... and of myself. It took me many years to work past it. He told several other people - most of whom didn't believe him thankfully but that experience left a mark on me.
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Its been a long time do you still hide in the closet? I still sorta do.Although I do not dress as far as you.I will show my wife my panties,or if I am out and about I may "slip" and let an unknown woman see my panties above my slacks .Any time some guy sees my thong or panties I always get some really rude or sick remarks.

In more open in that I share my dressing with my wife, but we keep it hidden from the kids.

I have two sisters one as a nurse and other secondary school I went into my sisters room to see her getting changed into her uniform with stockings and suspenders when she went to work I found her basque and a spare nurse uniform with thong good I felt so sexy I managed to put the uniform back the next day I was wearing my other sisters school uniform with basque and blouse and blazer with hold up stockings my sister walked in the house she saw me and laughed at me but promised not to tell she often buys me lacy stockings and a thong I do love the nurse uniform and hoping for the new year to go as a French maid I can't wait x

What a dream .I am not sure about the sister part but if its good for you lucky you are!

That was no friend to do you like that. Your current wife is the way all women should feel. Like you I have a wife that supports my dressing.

my wife did not like it when i dressed so i could never do it in front of her i have a new girl friend now who likes the fact that i crossdress and finds it sexy and helps me with it

I like to wear silk skirts always.

im just soooooo happy you have a wonderful wife who not only accepts you but enjoys it herself. i too have a girl h=who like to dress me but i havent told her just how much i like it lol one day i will but until then ill just enjoy all the mini moments in life =).

Thanks :) we were married last week and we spent 3 nights at the coast with several outfit changes... lots of pantyhose... and lots of just lounging around in silky clothes. It feels wonderful to just be me with my best friend and wife :D

That was quite a few years ago, I am in my 30's now. I quit wearing anything except pantyhose for many years. My ex wife left me because of the pantyhose, but she knew about it when we were dating... she just thought it was a phase.<br />
<br />
I have met and fallen in love with a wonderful woman, who accepts my pantyhose and desire to wear skirts, lingerie, and panties. She actually enjoys me in them as much as i enjoy me in them.<br />
<br />
My dressing has its trials for sure, but its who i am and i wont ever quit.