Caught At a Rest Area Wearing Girl's Underwear

I get dressed up almost every morning on my 2 hour drive to work. I usualy ***** down to my bra and panties and turn my dome light when passing big trucks just to mess with the truck drivers. One day when I stoped at the rest to change as usual, I was in the woods as there are no bathrooms there. as I was standing there in my bra, panties and high heels a cop snuck up and caught me. He was supprisingly cool I thought. He said he would not areast me for prostitution if I would suck him off. beeing scared of going to jail and every one I know finding out I agreed. I had never done this before and was worried that I would gag and not be able to satisfy his demand and go to jail any way. Much to my suprize I was quite good at it, and realy got excited when I relized he had came down my throte without warning. I now visit the same spot regularly hopeing to do it again.

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ill do the same we are ladies in wrong body we must feel the long strong fat sweety **** in us

I had a cop come up to me and say I know what U are doing as he saw some lube and extra paities on my trucks front seat. He said he charge me if he saw me there again. wrong answer I went back again, but he musta scared all the guys away but I found a even better place now.

Did you ever get to give a repeat performance?<br />
Hugs<br />

You girls are sooooo bad!

Great story you lucky gurl !

I sympathize with women who have the man try to jam the ***** into the mouth/throat;<br />
when sucker is ambitious they will take as much as possible while avoiding gag; forcing more/attempted more doesn't do anything but cause problems. We have all probably <br />
experienced some weak form of suck where maybe only the head or a little of shaft is <br />
sucked; to me these are so frustating. I so much more prefer the 'into it scene' when<br />
I am sucked off twice (rare, though).

Oh, good for you, the sucking I mean, that first time is like magic, one second I'm str8 and the next I;m a **** sucker. I do love it.