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Caught With Mom's Panty Girdle

I remember I had a train set in the basement.  It was right next to the washer & dryer.  I somehow found my mom's lace panties and pantygirdles there.  I must have been excited by the feminine site, so I put them on.  OMG - how soft and lovely, they were so nice!  I remember taking the panty girdle upstairs, putting it on, and rubbing myself through it.  Before long, it was all over, I had made quite a mess!  I ended up trying to hand wash them - then hid them in my closet.  She eventually found them, and confronted me.  What were these doing in your closet?  She asked!  I washed them, I said, totally embarrassed!  She never brought it up again - and I was more careful in the future.  I can't stop wearing all kinds of panties and pantygirdles...

girlydreams girlydreams 46-50 5 Responses Jun 22, 2009

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So awesome! I got started in this crossdressing world of mine by trying on my mom's girdle too at about 5-6 years old. The incredible sensations recieved led me back to her panty drawer at age 12-13 and I never stopped after that! Your shared experience brings back so many sweet memories... Thank you!<br />
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Isn't it wonderful ? The feeling a pantygirdle (as well as other female underthings and even overthings) produces within our minds as well as our figurative hearts. So exotically erotic and powerful, so thoroughly addicting that it effects us emotionally and leaves us with a permanent desire and longing to experience it again and again the moment we put them on. Some have said that they wish they were a girl so that they could wear female pretty, frilly and sexy looking and feeling clothes all the time and I can understand that to a point. Then I think back to what my mom and sisters have told me when I'd tell them how lucky they were to be able to wear such wonderful feeling and looking garments daily. They said that they don't get as much of a thrill wearing silky panties, girdles, nylons, pantyhose and many of the other things of theirs that I've worn so I should consider mysely the lucky one that it brings me such powerful physical and emotional sensations. They knew how much joy I got out of wearing their underthings because no matter how many times I got caught, I kept wearing them whenever I could.

Happens to us all.

Fantastic story! Thanks so much for sharing it!

great story.