Caught With Mom's Panty Girdle

I remember I had a train set in the basement.  It was right next to the washer & dryer.  I somehow found my mom's lace panties and pantygirdles there.  I must have been excited by the feminine site, so I put them on.  OMG - how soft and lovely, they were so nice!  I remember taking the panty girdle upstairs, putting it on, and rubbing myself through it.  Before long, it was all over, I had made quite a mess!  I ended up trying to hand wash them - then hid them in my closet.  She eventually found them, and confronted me.  What were these doing in your closet?  She asked!  I washed them, I said, totally embarrassed!  She never brought it up again - and I was more careful in the future.  I can't stop wearing all kinds of panties and pantygirdles...

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4 Responses Jun 22, 2009

So awesome! I got started in this crossdressing world of mine by trying on my mom's girdle too at about 5-6 years old. The incredible sensations recieved led me back to her panty drawer at age 12-13 and I never stopped after that! Your shared experience brings back so many sweet memories... Thank you!<br />
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Happens to us all.

Fantastic story! Thanks so much for sharing it!

great story.