By My Friends Wife

She always suspected that i fancied her husband and that he was bi as well but nothing prepared her for this. We had been seeing each other for a while and i had told him i liked to be girlie. He loved it when i dressed up for him and sucked his big ****. This time as just a quickie. I was round visiting and she had to go out for a bit so we took the chance for a bit of fun. In the bedroom we striped off and got ont the bed, he suggested i wear some of his wifes clothes for fun. So there i was in her red basque and black stockings, denim mini skirt and white blouse 69 with him on top. At first glance i thik she thought i was a woman and screamed at him as she walked into the bedroom. when she realised it was me she was even more shocked. She called me a **** and told me to get her clothes off. I think she wanted to join in but was quite angry. I stood there in just the basque and a hard on and started wanking off. before long she was on her knees sucking me off. As punishment she made him watch as she swallowed my *** the kissed him so he could taste it. from then on i meet up with both of them together and seperatly for wild ******* sessions.

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i would love tht 2 happen 2 me


Great story Im very jealious!!!

Great story! you must have been so hot on top of him if you couldn't stop even after the missus walked in! Love it. Come and lie on top of me, please.

oh that would be fun i would like that to

Wow nice story, I would love to have what you have. Hugs