My First Time In Her Swimsuit - #2

I smiled and Alex looked stunned. To be honest I was taken by surprise by my own reaction, I mean a guy in a swimsuit, my swimsuit was wrong on so many levels… yet… how sexy he looked. I was shocked by just how hot he looked in my bright red swimsuit and how excited he was. I could hardly take my eyes off the bulge his long hard **** was making. I moved towards him and stroked his tummy, but stopped short of touching his ****. “Mmm you look good in that Alex” I said and kissed him on the cheek. I made him face the wall and with slightly trembling hands took my clothes off. From the chest of drawers I took a similar blue one piece and pulled it on. It was an old one and a little snug, plus it gave me a bit of a camel toe…
“You can turn round now!” I said with a smile. Alex smiled, his gorgeous, trademark smile. I had such a crush on him but until now he had never shown any interest in me. Now I know technically he was showing interest in my swimsuit but I hoped that was at least partly because it was mine.
“Well Alex you have kept this quiet!”
Slightly hesitantly he confessed that he had always like looking at me in my swimsuits and had developed the urge to try it on.
“Does it feel good?” I asked.
“Yeah, but… are you ok with this?”
I took a breath. I stood in front of him trying to look cross. I shoved him with both hands full on the chest and he fell back on my bed. I knelt astride him. “If you ever do this without asking I’ll be so mad you’ll regret it buster!” I said as I lay on top of him. We kissed. I began to rub my lycra-clad body against his, shamelessly rubbing my crotch against his bulge. He obviously liked it because he grabbed my *** with both hands and pulled me against him even tighter. I showered his face and neck with kisses panting heavily. Alex took advantage of his strength and turned us so he was on top. “I want you Kira,” he whispered, “Now, just like this.”
He reached down and slid his hand inside my swimsuit, where his long fingers found no resistance from my wet, welcoming *****. I let out a moan of pleasure, but said, “No, not yet…” He ignored me wiggling his fingers deep inside me. “We have to be careful…” I sighed.
Reluctantly he stopped. Regaining my composure I took control.
“Put on your shirt and shorts, I’ll do the same. We are going shopping, to the Mall we’re less likely to be recognised there…”
So I led Alex out of the house and to his car, knowing that we were both still wearing our swimsuits under our shirts and shorts…
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2 Responses Jan 23, 2013

You are amazing! You embraced Alex wearing your red swimsuit and you put one on as well. This whole story made me very horny. Read my story. My girlfriend and I have speedo swimsuit sex regularly. Often times I wear one of her speedos. It is absolutely amazing!

You are basically narrating my fantasy. Bravo.

I second that ! Thank you , Alexs.