Few Times

Think i got caught few times, but yesterday i pretty sure. I went "klicking" a hour long time in the city. I live not to far from the main street, so i decided to walk to the main street, then come back. But there was a lot of man, and i didn't want to risk, to meat some of my friends. So i shortcut a little. I heard a young couple closing to me, i don't want to get caught so i go to the another direction. Few minute later i almost reached to home, but i noticed the previous young couple coming again, i don't want to walk front of them, so i crossed they path, and went before them. It was so exciting.... At the another side, i didn't care about to much, i just enjoyed my time.

VivienXX VivienXX
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4 Responses Jul 18, 2010

Love being dressed and hearing my high heels clicking on the pavement

It was around 1.5"

A boot-cut jeans, and t-shirt...

What else were you wearing?