Me Too! When I Was 5 Years Old.

My first time in high heels was when I was about 5 years old. I would go into my parent's closet and try on the oversized shoes. I would always gravitate to my mother's 3-4"  heels.

My mother loved it. She would giggle and tell me how fabulous I looked. From time to time she would also offer a blouse or a slip so I could be dressed up. And a necklace and clipons too.

Then one day my father came home early and saw me. He an my mother argued. She said it was okay. A year or so later my father left and divorced my mother. Maybe it was my fault. My mother always said it was not mine though.

For me I guess it was then I discoved the joys of high heels and other women's shoes and clothes ... and it has lasted to this very day.
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Your father leaving was NOT your fault. It was your parents fault. If he didn't stay a part of your life and be your father then that was his fault. That is too bad for him too. I have 6 children (girls 27, 25,9 & 6, boys 24 & 22 and 2 grand children 3 yr old boy & 1 yr old girl all ages as of this coming October) and even though my older 4 grew up with their parents divorced they never doubted my love for them... EVER!!! I was always a part of their life. I wouldn't change that fact except I may have gotten out of the Navy sooner and moved closer to be with them more often instead ofjust a phone relationship. My parents were divorced and I never doubted my dad's love for me ever. Mom was a different story though.

i wish i was so lucky my mom saw me in her high heels when i was 6 she punished me and after that i only wear her shoes when she's not home