I Had No Choice...

I was in college at the time, and had established a "normal" look wearing a Bass sandal (women's Sharon). It was the spring if my freshman year, and I needed a new pair, so I went to the bass outlet store. Of course, my staple sandal was in the women's section, and as I walked through there u notice a really great looking thing sandal with a 2" heel. I avsolutely lived them, so I grabbed a box with a black leather pair in size 11. I also grabbed a new pair of the Sharon style. I was pretty excited when checking out, I barely noticed the clerk, so I have no recollection of what they said or asked, if anything.

When I got to my car, I quickly yanked out the new sandals and adjusted the blackstrap buckle fir that perfect fit. I briefly stepped out if the car to "test drive" them, then drive away. I drove around for a while trying to figure out a place I could go to walk around anonymously. Nothing came to mind, so I headed back towards campus. As I pulled into student parking,I was making plans to switch out if my new heels, dreaming of a world where I didn't "gave" to. Just as I was pulling into an open spot, my dorm room mate and his girlfriend appears at the hood of my car, calling my name. "oh crap, oh crap, oh crap" was going through my head as they opened up the Passenger door and a rear door, and climbed in... Professing it was a Taco Bell night. My roommate just pushed my Bass shoe bag to the back seat, where his girlfriend sat.

Driving to taco bell, I kept looking in the rear viw mirror at the girlfriend waiting for her to notice my shoe boxes. I kept expecting my roommate to notice my sandals. Finally, while chatting away, I saw the girlfriend look in the bag, the shoe boxes had pictures on them. The face she mad can best be described as confused. There was a brief pause in her chatter, that my roommate didn't notice. I watched as his girlfriend lifted the lid off the shoebox for the heels and found it empty. Again, a confused look... Then, I was aghast as she inched forward from the back seat and looked down at my feet to confirm her suspicion, she saw that I was wearing the heeled thong sandals. She instantly looked into the rear view mirror, saw me looking at her and smiled.

I knew at this point, I had no chance to switch out of these shoes, no chance to hide it. I dud try to go through the drive through, hoping to findxa way out of thus, and the girlfriend proclaimed "no way, we are going in." a look in the rearview confirmed, she was forcing my hand, or should I say forcing my feet.

I parked, took a deep breath, and got out if the car. She got out on my side, and looked me right in the eye and "great sandals." then looked down, I followed her gaze and caught completely off guard when I discovered, she had the exact same sandals on. We started walking in when my roommate caught on. His eyes were the size of dinner plates for about 3 seconds. His comment, "you two have the same shoes." That was it, that's all he said. We went inside, I acted like nothing strange was going on, we ate, nothing else was said... It was strange.

We went back to the dorm, I wore the sandals inside, sat in the common room, walked over to the bar later... And barely anything in my life changed.
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4 Responses Nov 23, 2011

Thats awsome! What shoe size does she wear?

Thats awsome! What shoe size does she wear?

Normal night in high heels :).

omg ur my hero! do u hav a facebook?