Very Caught

i drive a truck for a living and was traveling in El paso when i got stopped by the police. i was in a skirt and top with nylon's and heels on i was made to stand on the side of the road for 15 minutes while dressed this way
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I was actually pulled over once when wearing my 6" platform thong heels, and nylons with painted toes. I said I needed to remove my shoes, then stepped out and he asked me to do the D.U.I. test. I wasn't worried because I didn't have any alcohol in my system. I was just driving around in high heels. Well I passed and was sent on my way. lol A little nerve-racking but not too big of a deal. Was surprised he didn't say anything about the shoes or nylons. He probably didn't care. lol

He probably found a secluded place, and brought himself off thinking about you!!
What color nail Polish were you wearing?

I hope not. lol And honestly I don't think he was even paying attention to what I was wearing.I believe it was a bubble gum pink polish or something like that.

I love pink polish!!

You should have put on a show for him!
A little prancing, sexy chatting. Who knows what would have *** to pass!!

Been there done that. I drive truck, and I am out full time live as a woman.