Sisters Heels

When I first started to experiment in wearing my sisters clothes she caught me in her high heels with her panty hose.  She laughed and thought I was very cute and put me in one of her bras and a very short mini dress.  She then did me up in make up and made me stay dressed like that till our mother got home.  My mother commented when she seen me that it looks like she gained another daughter.  This is how it all began.  Robbie

robbiemaid robbiemaid
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3 Responses Mar 8, 2010

Are they aware that you still dress?

This is a great way, to represent your feminine side. Your sis, find out, you look good in dress :D

The sister may have been torturing you but what a gal! I would love to have had a sister that would go that far. As for my Mother, she probably would have been okay with it but would have been concerned about my Dad finding out. He would have beat the **** out of me and verbally abused my Mother. She was a saint to have stayed with him as long as she did!