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I Was Caught Wearing My Sisters Clothes

i was home alone around two weeks ago, i got naked and walked down to my sister room. first i got a sexy thong and put it on then i went and got a matching bra. they were silk and felt omg. then i went and go a little mini skirt and a top. cos i have small feet and my sister was older i was able to put a pair of high heels on. i went to her mirror and started looking at myself and doing sexy imagines. well next i took them off and got into my sister's pj's(they were silk shorts and  a little top. then next thing my sister walked in and asked what the hell was i doing? i didn't know what to say. she asked 'how long i was trying her clothes on?? and i said ' i was did it 4 or 5 times. she asked me 'where was my clothes? and i was like i left them in my room and i walked down naked. she told me to take the clothes off. so i took the pj's off and was dare in the underwear. i was real herd cause i get so turned on wearing them. when i took the underwear off i was standing there on a horn and she just smiled and told me not to do it again and kicked me out of her room. every time i see her she kinda laughs and smiles. i don't no if she's going  to tel my ma..
imarco imarco 16-17, M May 24, 2010

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