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After Being Caught

If you read my story about being caught by Kathy, a friend from school I thought a follow up sstory would be of interest.
After being caught in my dress at My house, Kathy started coming over more often. She said she loved seeing me dressed as a girl.
As soon as she would arrive we would go up into my bedroom. Even though I already had a dress on she would want me to change clothes. Then one day she came over carrying a plastic bag and told me she had a surprise for me. We went on up to my room and she pulled out a beautiful confirmation dress that girls wore to communion and confirmation. It was all white and trimmed in layers of lace.
she also pulled out a multitiered petticoat for under the dress, it too trimmed in lace. Next came out was a pair of white rhumba panties.
She told me to ***** down to my tights, which I did all so willingly. She then began to dress me in all of this finery. It felt so wonderful
it is hard to tell you unless you have experienced this. The dress went to my knees and buttoned up the back.
She then had me sit in a chair while she fixed my hair into a pageboy style. Then pulled out a veil and placed it upon my head. then she took it off of me saying she had forgotten something. She pulled out a make-up package and did my face in powder and a light pink blush
saying a girl has to look pretty as well. Finally she applied a light red lipstick on me before replacing the veil.
My mother came into the room at the time she was replacing the veil upon me. She had tears in her eyes as she commented how pretty I looked, that maybe i could wear it to church next sunday. I didn't wear it to church, but did go out to kathies house so her mother could see it.
Melodie13 Melodie13 61-65, M 6 Responses Dec 12, 2010

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when I was younger I had to sneak around the house when every one gone I got in trouble when I got caugt. Now I live a lone so I dress up all the time.

Your confirmation outfit would have been a dream come true for me when I was a kid. I had to sneak around when I dressed up in my sisters clothes and got in to trouble when I got caught. Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience.

I wish I had ur life I have to sneak around in girls clothes

A wonderful story, Melodie and what a lovely perceptive comment Elliey added about Kathy confirming you as a girl!

Kathy and I became very close friends. Her mother accepted that I wore dresses. She initially looked me over and said that the dress was perfect for me. She said my light blue eyes and light brown hair look perfect. She told me much to my embarassment that the girls would have killed to look as sweet as I did.

Your stories are such a pleasure to read...Angie..;-)