Mom And Sister Caught Me In Their Clothes

i was home alone after school my sister had softball pratice and mom had to work late.  So i decided to go to my sisters room t try on her clothes i mean panties a bra  a skirt blouse high heels panty hoes make up.  Till one day i got all gussied up i must have fell asleep on my moms bed when i woke up to find my momm and my sister standing there they asked what i was doing dressed as a girl.  So i told them that i;ve been doing this every time i was alone that i wanted to be a girl that i felt i was born in the wrong body.  So mom said you and your sister get ready we;re going to go shopping just us girls.  It felt great shopping for girls clothes with my mom and my sister. they got me panties, bras, skirts, dresses, panty hoes, my own makeup kit, high heels shoes.  then my mom took me to have my name changed to Ashley Nicole Matthews. So noiw that i;ve had a new look a new name it was time for my mom to enroll Ashley into school.  It was an all girls school. When we got home I hugged my mom and told her how much fun that i had today that i really enjoyed being her daughter.  Mom told me that she really wanted me to be a girl and now she has that chance.  She asked me if i wanted to start taking female hormones and estrogen i told her yeah anything that will help me become more girly.  So it took about two years but now im a full girl i;ve had my sex change already and im a real girly girl now
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9 Responses Mar 23, 2011

lucky u plzzz add

i lvo it tell more please

i would love to be ur sister or boyfriend

Can your mom adopt me? :D

wish i had that kind of luck ,enjoy life u got it made

That's a nice story. Would that it was that simple! x

That's a nice story. Would that it was that simple! x

That's a nice story. Would that it was that simple! x

WOW thats an allsome story i wish i had your life ive tryed on a few things on but took them off ASAP if my mom dad and sister ever found out about me i think theyll desown me can you give me some info about what all you took ive been trying to transs over and haveing a hard time doing so that and the money to get the stuff