My Sister Watched Me.

When I was a young boy around age 12, I developed a fetish for wearing panties and bras. I used to go through my older sisters clothes and see what looked like would fit. If I liked it then I would take it for a few hours and wear it around my bedroom and eventually ********** 2-3 times before I would take it off and put it back un-noticed. Well one day while in my room wearing one of her baby blue teddies, I heard my door handle move so I quickly covered up in the blankets and pretended to be asleep. I saw the door open just a little bit and I was horrified. I didnt know what to do. I layed in my bed for a good 10-15 min before I decided that I had to see what was going on. I took off the teddie under the sheets and got out of bed naked, when I did I heard footsteps going down the hall. When I got to the door nobody was there so I reclosed it. Well apparently my sister saw me in the teddie before I was able to cover up. She told my mom and from that day on I had no privacy in my own room.

Now however I am moved out and have gotten married. I asked my wife if she minded if I wore a bra and panties and she said that she doesnt mind. I can not however wear dresses, or skirts.... While she is around!
May 16, 2011