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5 Older Sisters Started My Panty Fetish.

I was raised by 5 older sisters. The sister right above me is 6 years older; but the girls are 1 year apart. when i was 5 i would run out of undies so my sisters let me use theirs and i was able to fit in all of their panties. after that day i got to wear the after school. they always smiled and didnt care. i like to rub myself alot when im wearing panties. summer going into 7th grade i came for the first while rubbing myself. i put the panties back in the drawer. they were blk victoria secret satin briefs so the whole inside front obviously covered with snail trail. I apologize and told her what happened she said becareful and she wore them anyway. I started to noticed their vibrators and ****** in the panty drawers because i was always in them. They each would use them once a day. the oldest would use hers while waiting for the shower. it was no prob aslong as they were in in their rooms. i never saw them but i would her it because the motor was loud. the oldest got in the shower i went in her room. her vibe was on the bed so i imediately dropped it down my panties and turned it up. i started coming on the crotches of all their panties i even spread it out evenly. the water stopped and i put her stuff back. what i didnt realize was that was her last pair. all the girls had 5 cotton pars for period time. she came in my room pissed and wearing the panties too. I was so teriffied. i told her to dry herself off next time. she cut me off and said i saw white stuff every where. i started to panic. i her another sis say it aint the first time. by the time the girls wore them they were dry. what i didnt realize was my *** made the crotch stiff when it dried..............................

nastyfreak nastyfreak 22-25 1 Response Aug 31, 2011

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2 other sisters came in and took like 40 pairs of their panties out from under my bed. they did it once a week anyway to do laundry. the oldest came back tossed her wet panties and said put these on so u know how it feels. i never touched any of their dirty panties because i thought it was hella nasty but i had to or she would have told the parents. the messed up part was they were pink too. before i went to summer school she dont let your friends see and laughed. after awhile i realized i was wearing ***** juice. from that day on i was turned out to dirty panties. even though it was my sisters *** i loved it. i never thought about any of them while wearing them i liked knowing what was in them. im not into ****** and neither are they. later on that evening we talked and i tol how i ended up liking it and why i did. i guess most people dont except it me and my sister we cool with it. i later found out they liked satin just like me and that rubbed them selves like me while wearing them. they liked how satin felt too. i think thats why they were understanding. and i've worn dirty panties since. i even barrow lingerie from the ones that dont live with me. i llove wearing their teddies to bed and after a week or so they'll swoop their stuff back from under my bed like clock work. the funny thing is we dont talk about it. i realized we mutual benifit and we have for years. i mean who doesnt like the opposite sex's *** on the genitals. i've used/worn hella different peoples panties i stopped because i have sisters to choose from and i have to admit that their *****'s always smelled good...