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i waited till everyone had left went into my sisters room and got my faverat bra and pantie set with hose and heels. found a dress she was getting rid of got all dolled up and didnt hear my mom come back she got a good look and freacked
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i got found out and i got spanked good

I think there are a lot of Moms who know about cross dressing but don't say anything. Many of them realize the overpowering attraction of women's clothes and want it to be something shared, even though discreetly

thats sad, that they treated you that way.but,when we were kids you were considered gay if you did such things.i was lucky,i was never caught dressed but my mom knew i was wearing her things but never said anything.

I thoughts MOMs were more understanding... Wish she would have understood you better and then may be it would have difference... Life is cruel....

My mom and aunt caught me in a combination of my sister's pantyhose, mom's heels, and aunties' nightie. i freaked but they told me to come down to have some coffee and talk. Mom took me to the school counselor, a wonderful women, who told me it was OK to explore my soft side. From then on I was permitted to dress at home and had access to Mom and Aunties things. After a while they bought me my own items

damn lucky you!! my mum freaked and kicked me out eventually ,,actually it was my stepmum ,, she called me an abomination!! i have been hiding ever since ,its not easy to look right if u dont do the hormones early ,, my son is just as shallow minded ,yes i got married had kids etc coz it was the expectation of my parents ? well actually when my real mum found out she said she already knew from when i was a little boy but my dad got custody! had my mum brought me up she said i would be a girl now ,damn i wish ,, i now have more female clothes than male rarely wear my male stuff out and no-one seems to notice i am in girls jeans and tops most of the time ,but it is very hard to get any acceptance from my family,, you are a lucky person to have an understanding family xxx

it would be nice if it happened that way for me but my mom did not handle it well at all

yes, I realize that i am very fortunate to have the acceptance I have. That acceptance extended into my married life where I have acceptance and support particularly from my mother-in-law. She not only supports my dressing but also involves me in things like her romance reader group and knitting circle. The women in these groups have come to accept me and seem to be fascinated with my effeminate and submissive side.

You can be a Man while showing the appearance of a Woman if you believe that is the way you should fit into society - it sometimes amounts to being "More than only a Man" - what is important is to present yourself truthfully as you believe you affect things and yourself - being honest with others is vitally important unless you need to disguise. Smaller people often choose to become transexual due to bullying and their approxamation to average female stature. - Guns make all people the same size - iam the NRA.

and now after many years we are all the same girls or better b e lladies with breast i wish to have bigger which pills you use,,

im using breast actives

And then what happened? What did she do? I came so close to that when I was 14 but was able to evade detection. I sometimes what would have happened if I had got caught.

she got all pissed rushed me to my dads work then to the doc to get me checked out. almost ended at the head doc