I Was Caught Wearing My Sisters Pyjamas

When i was 13 i was all into wearing girls clothes without my family finding out.One day everyone went out for dinner but i said i wanted mcdonalds for dinner.I was given enough cash to get it and was dropped off at the local resturaunt.I got it and rushed home so i could get dressed up in my sisters clothes.I had a thing for leopard print clothes so i put on my sisters leopard print silk shiny panties,a pair of leopard print leggins,a pink silk bra,and a silk nightgown.I know it didnt look or sound right but it felt good to wear.i then changed into my sisters pyjamas.I put on her pink top,her leopard print silk trousers,her spotty panties,her purple bra and her white dressing gown with butterflies on it.I laid in her bed thinking that i wished that it could last forever.then my sister walked in and i was in the ****.She laughed her head off and i begged her not to tell anyone.She said she wouldnt if i let her dress me up her way.I agreed.She locked the door and began to put makeup on my nails,face,lips,the works.She then pulled out a bandage.She told me to put it around my penis to stop it from sticking out.I did.She then told me to put on a pair of silk black panties,a matching bra and a blonde wig.i did and then i looked like a proper model in a bikini.After she told me to do a few poses,she threw me a silky nightgown(the one i had wore earlier) and a pair of pink slippers.I put them on and then like a big sister,she told me to cuddle up in bed with her and we watched television.I was the best night of my life.
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May 15, 2012