The Russian

A few weeks after being caught by my sister.We fell out.We both said some nasty things to each other and we didnt speak to each other for ages.One day she came down the stairs and i was looking at some russian women on the internet.She said to me that since she could tell me to do what ever she wanted me to,she would make me dress up like one of these women.The one she picked was a tall brunnette.Since she had no clothes like that,she took me to a shopping centre a few miles away.She got me clothes just like the womens on the internet.Once she had got me all the clothes,she would take me to a quiet part of the centre and make me wear them home.I did as i was told because i had always wanted to dress like one of them outside.I was told the put on a black g string,a strapless bra(same colour).a black cocktail dress,a fur coak and a pair of black stilletoes.She could afford all of this because she had found some cash a week before($200).She then applied some make up.All black.We then walked to the bus station and waited for the bus.When we was walking to the bus station,people wolf whistled at me and one person even asked my sister if i was single.She told him no because she wanted to crossdress me not make me gay.When i got on the bus,my sister was giggling all the way back to our house.When we got home,my sister made sure the house was empty and then took me up to her room and locked the door.I was told to do the same pose as the lady on the internet.After half an hour of so my sister got some bandage and told me to tuck my penis between my legs just like before.After another hour or and her became friends again and i and her got changed into our pyjamas(mine was the same ones as before)and watched television.This was brilliant.After a few weeks,we fell out again and she made me dress in the same costume.It was great.A few days after that i saw i photo on the internet of a russian women.She looked almost the same as me.Here is the photo
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May 15, 2012