My Sister And Her Friends Dress Me Up

About a year after that,my sister wanted to dress me up again.This is the most girly thing i have ever wore.she took me up to her room whil the house was empty and invited a few of her friends around.they were asked if they could bring a few items of clothing to dress me up in.when they got here,i was told to put on a pair of florecent pink silk panties,a lorecent pink bra with padding,a florecent pink dress but with a leopard print pattern made of satin on the outside but a inner pink layering,a pair of pink leg warmers and a pair of her friends stilletoes.I put these on and then come out of the toilet where i got changed in.They all started suggesting whick makeup they make me wear sister suggested that we put him in some bright pink makeup and bright pink nail polish.One of the friends said my penis stuck out so my sister passed me the bandage and i put it on.Once i come out,one of the friends wanted to go to the mall.It was a little chilly so my sister lent me her pink jacket.We walked to the park and i was commented on how attractive i looked.I talked like a girl as well so that added to the rouze.eventually,we went to one of the friends house and thats where i was asked out by that friends brother.i said no and i went on.i got home about 9pm and my parents were in.My sister went in and got me my clothes and a drawstring bag.I got changed around the corner and put the clothes in the bag.I went up stairs and got in with my big sis again.This time,i wore some of the clothes i wore that time with some of my sisters pyjamas.I wore the panties and bra but i wore a new nightdress(a pink one made of satin)and a green dressing gown what my sister had got for her birthday a month before.Here is a picture of the dress i have found on the internet:
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