My Day In My Sisters Clothes

6 monthes after the last story i was crossdressing at any chance i could.One day my sister asked me to go into her room.I did and laying on the bed was a leopard print teddy,a pair of black panties and a matching bra.She asked me if id like to try them on.I agreed straight away because i love to wear girls clothesI put them on in the family bathroom and came out.I walked into my sisters room and she said i looked like i needed a few extras.She passed me her blonde wig,a bandage(for my penis).a box of makeup and a dressing gown.I asked what the dressing gown was for but she said i would find out soon enough.She put makeup all over my face and then did my toe nails and finger nails.She did them in a bloody red colour.She then sent me back into the bathroom where she shaved my legs and my arms(just to be sure).She then closed her eyes while i put on the bandage.She then told me to put of the blonde wig and the dressing gown(which was pink and silk).She then walked back into her room while i got ready.When ik walked in,she asked me to ***** for her as a joke.Thats when i found out what i was wearing a dressing gown.She was laughing her head off.I found it funny as well.Once she was done laughing,she told me to get dressed again.I did as i was told because i liked doing as i was told because doing what i am told is enjoyable for me and her.Anyway,I dressed again,she told me to on a fake casting of female breasts.I had trouble putting it on so she helped me.Once i had it on.We sat around for a bit,just messing around.She then told me that we were going out.I asked her i will wear.She said she will put me in her orange satin top and her orange satin(matching)mini skirt.According to my sister and her friends,i looked good in a mini skirt since my penis wasnt showing at all.I got changed and we set off out.We went to the local park where me and my sister met some of her friends.They knew it was me but they didnt make a big fuss about it.We sat around talking for a while but then we decided to go to the mcdonalds.It was only a 5min walk from the park so it was easy.While at mcdonalds,i ordered a mcflurry.While eating the mcflurry,a bit fell down my top and i had to ead into the bathroom to clean it up.When i walked to the toilet,i walked into the mens by mistake and had to be corrected by my sister.We left there straight away to save my embarrassment.We walked around for a bit but then headed to one of the friends houses.we played some music and talked for a bit.Then one of the girls suggested that they dress me up in a now i had already got used to dressing in female company.They picked out a white upper part and a black lower part.I put it on and i modeled it for them.After a while we left that house and went to another friends house(after i got changed of course).This friend's mom had receantly got married and she was a brides maidor something like that.Anyway,she said that i could where her dress.That friend said that i could put it on.I put it on and it was one if the most comfertable things i have ever worn.It was like wearing heaven.It was lovely.all the friends said it looks good on me.It did.By time we left it was about 8pm.It was in the summer time and it was still very light.I got changed into my other clothesI(orange ones)and walked home with my sister.On the way home,a party was going on.Somebody out of the party asked me and my sister if we wanted to come in.we declined.We continued walking home,When we got home my sister said that this made her wish she acctually had a sister.she hugged me and then went in and got my clothes.I got changed in the toilets of a fastfood restraunt not far from my house.When we had acctually got home it was 8.45 pm and we went straight to our rooms.Later that night my sister knocked on my door.She asked me if i wanted to wear that teddy i was wearing to bed.I accepted and i slept in her bed with her.i said that i felt uncomftable.I asked if i could put on a pair of panties and a bra.She let me/I put on her pink silk bra and panty set.I fell asleep in heaven.The end
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I want a sister like u

i wish i had a sister like that let alone have a sister

Hey please read aunt Jane and the sleepover by great12345678910

I also had sisters, so there was plenty of pretty , girly clothes to try on. I also wished to be caught and dressed up by my sister and her friends.I spent many hours in bra, panties, nylons and garter belts. Petticoats were in vogue in those days. They were especiallly fun to wear under full skirts and dresses! new and i want some advice.How can i get my own clothes without my family finding out.i also cant go to shops as i would look what advice have you got.

awesome sis

dude add me im a big fan!