The Sleepover

The next day,my sister was going to have a sleepover with all of her friends.I thought of this as the perfect opppurtunnity to dress as a girl.That morning,while eating breakfast,i asked my sister if i could talk to her for a few minutes in private.When i was in privacy,i asked her if i could join her and her friends in the sleepover.She told me that if i was going to be allowed in the sleepover,i would have to give her and her friends full permission to let them put me in what ever they wanted to and to let them do whatever they wanted me to.I agreed because i didnt know what i would be in for.
That night,i went to my sisters room where it was going on.I was dressed in my regular pyjamas in case i passed any members of my a alibi to not being in the house that night,i told my parents that i would be going to a house party a few miles away and that it would be on all night.So anyway,i went to her room,and there was all my sisters friends.They grabbed me,blindfolded me and dressed me up.Until they took theblindfold off,i didnt know what they had put me in.When they took it off,i was wearing a ivory coloured silk top with a bright pink thong,a leopard print satin skirt and a ivory coloured bra with fake breasts and a brown coloured wig.I really liked this outfit and by now i was used to dressing in my sisters friends company.
About a hour after the dressing,we was playing dares.When it was my turn i choose dare.I liked dares because i find them fun and exciting.The dare was nothing like i was ever asked by my sister of her friends before.It was to sleep with one of my sisters friends.One of them would dress like a lad and i would have to have to sleep with one of them like a girl would.My sister told me that a few days before,one of them said that they would like to sleep with me.I agreed because i thought all my sisters friends were attractive.That girl was taken into the bathroom of our house and put in jeans,a hoodie,a pair of boxer shorts and a white t shirt.She also wore a short haired wig and covered her boobs up with a bandage.I also covered my penis up with a bandage to make it a little more realistic.All the other girls left the room while me and that girl slept together.In the bed, i wore a silk teddy,with a silk bra and panties.She wore a pair of boxer shorts and that was it.It lasted for about 15 mins and then the other girls and my sister came back in.They asked us what we did,but we both agreed to keep the details a secret.
As it approached 10pm,we put a on a cat walk on in my sisters room.We all had to join in.On my turn,I wore a black bikini and the fur coat i wore before.My sister wore a black satin dress and one of the girls wore the leopard print dress what she had me wear before.This was one of the best parts about the evening.After that,we all fell asleep to a movie.
The next morning,i awaoke in my own bed.I was wearing a black bikini,a leopard print pink dress and a pair of silk pink pyjama bottoms.I went into my draws to change but all my clothes had gone.All they was was 3 pairs of panties(all pink),3 matching bras,2 dresses(one black,one red with roses sewn on it),2 skirts(both leopard print and pink and silk)and 2 pairs of spotty tights.Heres a picture of the dress i was wearing:And below is a picture of the bikini i was wearing:

I hunted everywhere in my room but i could not find any male clothes.I Checked everywhere in my room but i could not find any.There was only one way out of this.I had to go to my sisters room and see if my clothes were there.I checked to see if anyone was coming.Theyre wasnt so i ran to my sisters room and looked for my clothes in there.The was a note om the back of my sisters door saying that if you want your clothes back you will have to go out into the back yard and get them.Since it was a weekend and i didnt have to leave my room all day.I decided to just stay in my room,locked the door and try on all my new girl outfits.So i layed on my bed and let the feeling of the dress lay their.
  After this experience,i never wanted to wear male clothes again so i stayed in my room and every few hours i changed my clothes.Eventually my sister returned my clothes and i had to wear them again.To be concluded?
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I wish i was in your position

**** no

Hey please read aunt Jane and the sleepover by great12345678910

nice story

That was a dirty trick they pulled on you. I wish my sisters were more understanding about this subject and had done that to me.

Sexy bikini I bet It would look sexier on my round ***