My Twin Sister Caught Me Wearing Her Clothes

Me and my sister wear 11 years old when she caught me. My parents had left for the day to go on a date and my sister was at her friend's house. I was sitting watching tv when I decided to go to my room and get my baseball cards, I was so into that back then it would have scared you. When I walked past my sister's room I saw her really pretty short pink dress laying on her bed. I have no idea what drove me to want to put it on, but I walked in her room & picked it up. I didn't want my sister to find my clothes in her room if I forgot something so I walked in my room and took my clothes off. When all my clothes were off I walk back down the hall to her room. I opened her dresser and got a pair of hello kitty panties and one of her training bras out. Thank god we're the same size cos if we weren't I'd snap that bra in 2. I put the bra and panties on and looked at myself in the mirror on her door and loved what I was feeling. It felt so go to be wearing them. So I rushed over and put on her dress. I looked at myself in the mirror again I enjoyed the dress even more. I was so excited about what I was doing I didn't hear my sister get back for her friends house. I didn't hear her until she was walking down the hall way. I just froze in place cos I knew I couldn't get out of there or hide. So she walks in and says 'uh...what are you doing?' I told her the whole story and she laughed. Then after about 2 min of not letting me leave she asked if she could make me look like a girl. I said sure and she told me to take off her dress so no makeup could get on it. So I did and then she got a chair from the dinning room and told me to sit in it. She spent the next hour and a half putting makeup on me and put some hair extensions in and straightening it, the works. And when she was done we look identical, it was the funniest thing. Then she got another idea. Our parents were going to be back in an hour so she asked me it i could make her look like me so we could try and fool our parents into thinking we were the each other and I laughingly say yes. So we go to my room and I asked her what she wanted to wear. She said she wanted to wear what I had on before it put her clothes on. So she takes off all her clothes and puts my pair of spiderman briefs on, the pair of jeans I was wearing, and the spiderman shirt I had on. If you can tell I'm a huge spiderman fan and I still am. So she folded her hair on top of her head and I put my Atlanta braves hat on her so she could have a "boy haircut" and the final results were just awesome. We almost completely looked like each other. There were some minor things that separated us, but it took a really close look to see them. So we then tell the out exactly what we did today so we could tell our parents when they asked us so we wouldn't blow our cover. About an hour later our parents got back and they were completely fooled. We all ate dinner together and watched tv and they didn't notice a thing. It was about 3 hours later that we told them, my sister had to take the hat off to get my dad to see. It was so funny and my mom took so many pictures. We did it two more times after that. The second time we did it, it was at thanksgiving a few days later and again we had to tell everyone. And the third time we did it it was at school a week after that and no one noticed. We didn't tell anyone at school the truth cos you now how mean kids are right. I'll tell that story another time. Best things about that is our parents were completely okay with it, I wore my sisters best dress, and, we were in 6th grade at the time, we both had gym. So look for that one coming up. So after that both of us got hooked on wearing the opposite gender's clothes that presently we are both avid crossdressers.
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Embrace your inner girl!

I too am a twin, but my brother and I are the same sex.

cool sis

I know I couldn't ask for a better sister!

Here is a link to the school crossdressing adventure: