Surprised After School - Part 2

the day after i was caught wearing my sisters' clothes was Saturday. i woke up early, hungry and having to pee, but afraid to get out of bed after the events of the previous day. my bedroom was in the basement and i would have had to go upstairs to pee so i just laid still and kept my legs squeezed together. i soon heard some activity upstairs and a few minutes later someone came down the stairs and went into the laundry room and started the washing machine. a minute later Kimmi appeared in the doorway of my room and angrily glared at me, telling me that she had to wash her and Kelli's clothes since i had worn them. i really didn't know how to answer her so i just remained silent until she turned to go, then i blurted out to her that i had to pee and asked if it would be ok if i got up. she told me to stay where i was and she would ask our mother. i heard some talking upstairs then more than one person's footsteps on the stairs, then my mother and both of my sisters walked in to my bedroom. my mother came and sat on the bed while Kimmi and Kelli stood. my mother started by again saying that it was not unusual for boys my age to like to dress in girls clothing, but that it was not ok for me to wear my sisters' clothes without their permission. then she told me that i owed my sisters an apology. i had to pee so badly that i could hardly think of anything else and i asked my mother if i could please go upstairs to pee. she just said that i would have to wait until we had finished our conversation, so i blurted out a few words of apology to my sisters. Kimmi just glared at me and said that i didn't sound like i meant it. Kelli, as usual, chimed in in agreement with her older sister. i thought i was going to pee myself any moment, so i took a couple of breaths and told my sisters that i was very sorry that i had gone into their room without permission and tried on their clothes and that i was very sorry that i had got them dirty and how much i hoped that i hadn't damaged anything. once i started with the apology the words came out more and more easily. i told them that i would never do anything like that again without their permission and asked them to please forgive me. by the time i was finished i was blubbering like a baby and i was truly and abjectly sorry for what i had done.

my mother was smiling as Kimmi told me that she accepted my apology. all i could do was burst into another bout of crying while i thanked her over and over. Kelli spoke up to say that she also would forgive me and i again gushed out my tearful thanks.

Kimmi said "OK, just don't ever try my clothes on again without asking me first." i didn't respond so she asked "do you understand?". i nodded Yes but she ordered me "say it!" i sobbed "Kimmi, i promise you i will never try on your clothes again without your permission."

Mother was beaming as she said that she would leave us to finish making up and she walked back upstairs. Kimmi then moved and took the spot where my mother had been sitting on my bed and reached out and touched my cheek "Good boy." she said. i once again burst in to tears, overcome by relief and gratitude at Kimmi's kindness.

she continued "i don't know if Kelli will let you wear her things though. you have to ask her." when i didn't say anything Kimmi demanded "did you hear me?"

i knew what she wanted, so i turned to Kelli and asked "Kelli, would you please allow me to try on your clothes sometime, if i ask your permission?" Kelli, who always had a devilish streak in her, answered "maybe, if you are a good little girl." i said "thank you very much. i will try to be a good little girl." and i meant it.

i still had to pee very badly so i asked Kimmi if i could please get up and go to the bathroom. she lifted the covers off me and seeing that i was naked she told me that i couldn't walk around like that and asked what i wanted to wear. i understood right away what she meant and i said that i really wanted to wear some of her panties, if she would allow it. she smiled, and asked Kelli if she would run upstairs and pick out some panties for me. Kelli returned just a minute later and handed me my panties for the day, white cotton ones with little pink flowers on them. my 2 little sisters watched as i got out of bed and pulled them on then Kimmi gave me permission go to the bathroom.

my life was never the same.

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christ, im sorry you got stuck with such hateful transphobic ******** for family members.

hey wait a minute....that's her sisters. that's not nice to say about her family members.