Caught In My Girlfriend's Clothes. Fun Times

One day, I went to my girlfriend's house and she didn't now I enjoy wearing girl's tights, socks, and various hosiery and clothing items. Before I drove over, she told me she was doing laundry and that she had alot of clothes on the top of her dresser. I didn't think anything of it. When I got there, she came to the door to let me in and we started to talk. She was telling me how her mom and everyone else was in the city for the day, so we had the house to ourselves (which I was grateful for). However, she did know about my foot fetish (prefer feet in some kind of soft hosiery). Well, we played around for awhile, she let me play with her tiny pink tights feet for what seems like forever. Then, she said to wait here, because she was gonna go take a shower. I was fine with that, not the first time being in her room alone. I layed on her bed for awhile, till I herd water running, and new she was in there. Then, I decided to get up and explore a little bit. She was the wear girly clothes, but be crazy and fun type. I was looking around for anything that looked comfy. Well, I started to space off and focus on my hunt. I got into her socks/hosiery dresser drawer and found a pair of lime green ankle socks (made from nylon fabric). I set them on her bed and walked back to the dresser. Then, proceeded to look for a comfy pair of tights, so many different pairs, colors, and feelings of the fabrics. I could not decide which pair to wear, seems like it took forever to pick a pair, but it was only like ten minutes. I grabbed a white and light pink striped pair and headed towards her bed. Then, the door opened really quick, too fast for me to try to hide the tights. She looked at me and just smiled and said well I would of hoped you would of told me about you wearing my clothes instead of walking in on you. I look at her all confused and quietly asked if she was mad. She wasn't, she new all along and she explained how she found out. She told me about how she saw my leg under my pant leg one day and realized that I was wearing her tights and she said next time just ask. Till that day, she shares her clothes with me all the time and its awesome!.
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your use of "new" should have been 'knew" as in knowledge past tense. Otherwise, very nice story!!!

I agree too. Yes you should have ask her to dress you all the way. You had the door opened and you should have followed thru.