Caught By My Aunt.

I remeber getting caught by my aunty in my sis's clothes.  I was up in my sis's room as she wasn't there.  She was just starting college and my mom was gone.  I took some biege pantyhose from my mom's drawer.  I put them on along with my sis's white bra she had in her drawer.  Then went to her closet and grabbed a jean skirt that was knee length.  And a creme colored silky top.  Grabbed a pair of my sis's 2 1/2 in high heels.  After that I took a look in the mirror and liked what I saw.  I decided to put on some of my sis's make up as she still had some there.  Just as I was going to start putting on the make up.  I heard the door open.  It was my aunt.  She was standing there looking at me asking why are u wearing those clothes and what are u doing.  I didn't know what to say.  I was embaressed and kind of in shock as I knew she was comming over but, I thought not for a few more hours.  She asked me again why I was wearing those clothes.  All I could come up with was I don't know.  I then sat on my sis's bed.  I was nervous and the only thng I could think of doing but not really know I was doing it was rubbing my hosed legs.  My aunt did the why, how come, and when did this start thing with my dressing.  I explained to her best I could as she was talking to me in a real loud voice.  After I explained it to her she seemed to understand.  She then turned around and said that my mom was going to be home in a while so I better not be wearing those clothes when she got back.  Just as she was closing the door she had a smirk on her face then she shut the door.  I wasn't sure but, it seemed that she was accepting of it as long as she didn't have to see me dressed or know I was dressing.  So I finished up by putting on my sis's make up.  It wasn't nothing to write home about but, my make up didn't look bad.  I tried on a few more of my sis's outfits and then decided the change and wash up before my mom got home.  When she got home she and my aunt were talking.  I was afraid that my mom was going to find out from aunt about my cding.   When my mom called me down for dinner I was a little more than terrified.  As I got to the dinner table my aunt was sitting there and my mom was comming out of the kitchen.  My mom asked how was my day I looked at my aunt who was looking at me with a well how was it look.  I said it was a alright day I just stayed up in my room and messed around.  My aunt was smiling at me and my mom said well thats nice.  Now lets eat.  To this day My aunt never told on me what she caught me doing.  But maybe she did and my mom never told me.  Hey u never know.

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Yes I still crossdress. Even though my aunt caught me it didn't change how i feel about dressing up.

nice storys im a big fan! add me!