Sisters Pink Baby Doll Nighie and Panties

I  was  ten years old,  my sisters would often leave their  dirty cothes in the bathroom.  My older sister had left her pink baby doll nightie with amtching pink "bloomer" panties on the bathoom floor.  I had to try them on,  I ha tried on her clothes before.  I took off m clothes  slipped the nightie over my head and ut onthe panties,  I loved the feeling.  I  then  took her pink lipstick that she had in the bathroom and put som of that on,  what a rush. I felt so much like  girl.  I left the bathroom and went to her room to  look into her full length mirror. I loved th way I looked, I swirled arund a little.  I was returning to th bathroom,  wen she walked into te hallway,  I didnt knw she or anyone was home. She saw me and I ran to my bedroom,  she ranafter me and opend my bedroom door and screamed w"wht are you doing in my nightie".  I just told her I was sorry and ust wanted to see what I would look like in it.  Then she saw I was wearing her lipstick  and she said "and why are you wearing my lipstick".  She then  walked out of my room.  I was gonna run to the bathrom and change,  but  she came back into my room,   threw a bay blue shortie nightie with maching blue pnties on my bed and said "there  you canhave my blue nightie,  butdon eer wear my pink nighie agan r any of my clothes without asking  nd you can have my pink lipstick too".  I went and changed out of her pin nightie and wen and tried on her blue nigtie that she had given me.  I loved it,  this time tere was a nock at my door andmy sister walke in and said"  well I do amit you do look cute in a girls nghtie,  you should touch up your lipstick.  We will talk about this again."   I slept in"my" new nighte that night.

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You have the sister ive always you slept great wearing her nightie. I love my pink satin babydoll and matching thong for sleep. Sleep so much better when wearing lingerie.

Tell me more please

I love whereing girl clothes I really love nightee a lot I where it everywhere truth I don't li my boy clothes no more truth I don't lie

Now I am really horny boy I really am

That would have been a dream come true for me !

I really lovealot

woah, you got to carried away with those letters missing.

lov your story more please

I had to wait till my sister was out for a few hours and then I dressed in her clothes from head to toe, I started when I hit puberty, about 11 or so and never stopped ever.My sister was 18 months younger than mewhich means her clothes were excitingly tight but not too much so. Strange I never wanted to wear my mother'sclothes. What I really wanted was to screw my sister of course and I am sorry now we never did. I am a transvestite not a homosexual.. I don't want to screw with men.. I wanted to BE a girl but never told anyone. Yes I could fall in love with girls but that didn't make any difference, I still wanted to be a transvestite any time I could. Yes I went out dressed up but it frightened me to death. <br />
I just want to tell you that you don't grow out of it.

i have 5 older sisters that turned me out to satin panties i especially love wearing their<br />
satin teddies to bed... u should try it

Did she give you any other clothing?