Caught Again

After being caught by my older sister kristen who is older than my other older sister jessy.  My sister kristen caught me in her pantyhose.  She didn't say anything but, it scared me good enough to be more caughtious.  I kind of tried to put my hose wearing on hold a bit.  But, after a while the urge was back and seemed stronger than ever.  When I got home before my mom or sisters did.  I knew I had a few hours to myself.  I went into my sisters room.  I went to my mom's room and to her pantyhose drawer.  As she had a wider and better hose selection.  As I think most mom's do.  I grabbed a dark tan pair of pantyhose they were control top.  I took them and went into my sister's room.  I got undressed and put the pantyhose.  They felt so good.  Nice and smooth.  I felt like trying on some of my sister jessy's clothes on as her and I were about the same frame.  Same thing for me and kristen.  But, I was still scared when she caught me.  I grabbed my sisters jean skirt which was about knee length.  And a black silky top she had.  I then grabbed some of kristen's heels.  I was a little nervous but, she had better heels than jessy.  Thats why jessy wore kristen's high heels as well.  They were some high heel mary janes.  Real nice.  I put them on and took a look in the mirror.  Not bad for first timer.  I thought anyway.  I couldn't believe how feminine I felt dressed up.  I took a little walk around the apt..  Which was kind of hard since I never worn heels.  But was a nice adventure anyways.  It felt so good to be dressed up and walking around.  I would sit at the kitchen table and cross my legs.  Listening to the sound of my hose as my legs would rub together.  Watched a little t.v..  Just had a little bit of me time.  I decided I better go change as I didn't want to get caught this time.  I got up and then all of a sudden I really had to go take a ****.  So I went to the bathroom to take a ****.  Oh by the way which was hard since I had a hard on from wearing pantyhose.  After I was done I opened the door and started down the hall way to my sister's room.  I walked in and there was my sister jessy her back was to me.  I couldn't do anything I just froze.  She turned around as she heard the heels on the floor.  She just stood there with her mouth open looking at me.  Like before I couldn't say anything.  Which was good as she didn't ask or say anything.  After a brief moment.  She said what are you doing? Why are you wearing my clothes?  I just said I will take them off. And I am sorry.  In a very shaky voice.  I went into my room and changed.  I went into my mom's room and put back the pantyhose and then into my sis's room.  She aksed me why were you wearing my clothes.  I didn't know what to say or think.  I just started to put them back.  Hoping she would change the subject.  After I put things back.  She looked at me and said answer me why were you wearing my clothes.  I didn't even know what to say.  She said do you like wearing them.  I just looked at her hoping she could read my mind so I wouldn't have to say anything.  She said well do you?  I said yeah I think I do.  I never tried on your clothes until now.  Oh f.y.i my sister jessy is the more calmer one.  As my sister kristen is a bit more daring and has a little bit of a temper but not to bad though.  She said really this was your first time.  Why did you want to wear now.  I told her I don't know I just did.  She said well thats ok I guess.  But, maybe aske me first next time or something.  Ok.  I said ok.  I wasn't sure if I was off the hook or what but, at least she was pretty understanding.  As she just thought I was into her clothes and not her pantyhose.  Which in either case I guess I am into her clothes.

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4 Responses Oct 10, 2009

Maybe if your a good "gIrl" your sisters will take you shopping. then you will have a closet full of dresses and skirts makeup too

your sick! get your own clothes!

I would actually get both as they both are nice colors. And they are also some of my personal favs as well.

those are some nice panthose you have on . those pantyhoses make you look sexy . i want to wear pantyhose too what color should i get black or begie. don't be ashemed to wear pantyhose they make you feel sexy.