My Very First Time Getting Caught

  A few years after I began crossdressing is when this incident happened. I was about 13 I think. I came home from school and decided to do my usual in putting on some female clothing. I usually would try on my mom's clothes. My mom did not get home for an hour and a half after I did. On this particular day I decided to try wearing some of my sister's clothes.

  I went to my room and ******** my clothing off. I walked into my mom's bedroom and got a pair of sheer to waist pantyhose in nude color out of my mom's dresser. I put on my mom's pantyhose. i had done this so often I could have found the drawer and put the hose on blindfolded. I walked into my sister's bedroom. I searched her dresser drawers, finding her bright yellow string bikini. I put on my sister's bikini, over mom's pantyhose. I looked in the mirror and liked what I saw. The bikini felt so soft, smooth, and comfortable on me I was amazed. I decided to go back into my mom's bedroom. I put on my mom's brown high heeled pumps with a 3 1/2 inch heel. I really liked how I looked and felt now.

  I walked around through the various rooms of the house for several minutes. After doing this, I decided it would be a good idea to go outside and walk around my front yard. I knew cars going past on the road would see me, but I did not care at the time. I figured I'd be outside only a few minutes, and not very many people would see.

  Once in the yard, I felt great and got very confident. After the first few cars went by and nothing really happened I decided this was not bad at all. I decided to stay out more than a few minutes. I could not hear any cars coming so I decided I would walk through the yard and go clear up beside the road, then walk back down. I began walking. Just as I was about 4 feet from the road, The neighbor lady who lived down and across the road and her husband pulled out of their driveway to go to work. Their vehicle turned to come up the road. Just as I realized they were coming my way, they were near my driveway, and could see me clearly, now just 2 feet from the road. As I turned to walk back I noticed she saw me. Her husband was driving their truck; she was on the passenger side. She was looking right at me. They went past, and nothing happened. I stayed outside a few more minutes then went back in.

  Over the next several days I put on the very same outfit and walked around in the yard. At first I was afraid the neighbor told my mom, but I figured out she must not have, as nothing was ever said about it or done to me. I did this for several weeks after this. One day when I was off school, I did not do that. My mom came home from the store 1/4 mile down the road from our house. My mom told me the people working in the store told her that the bread delivery guy had said he saw a girl in a bikini walking around in our front yard. Other people had seen her too and said so over at the store. Mom asked if I knew anything about that. Of course I said heck no, that sounds made up. My mom said that they all claimed it was true, but my mom thought it sounded unbelievable too.

  As a side note, every day when I was outside in my sister's bikini, when the neighbor lady and her husband went to work, she would be turned sideways in their truck so she could get a real good view of me in the yard. After seeing me a few times, I guess she began expecting to see me, and she was correct.

  This episode was the first of others in this same experience. I will tell others in future stories.

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pretty story :)

Hi IMACD and SirPhoenix. Yes I will write more in near future. And yes I am not sure if I was brave, carefree, or a bit of both. It just seemed like an overwhelming urge to do that so I did. It was exciting and fun at the same time.