Battan Outfit

i was about 14 and mt sister was 10. she started taking batton classes over the wasent anything to fanncy just a littlered short mini-dress.with matching panties.well as luck would have it i foundmyself alone in the i went upstairsand got a pair of pantys and the outfit went to my room and put it on.i was just sitting there on my bed.didnt hear the car or sister knocked on my door and without thinking i got up and anwered i was standing there with it on and she ask me if i had the underwear to it on.i sead yes.and then she lifted it up and seen.closed the door and ask me to take it of.and she seen that i had another pair of her pantys on.and but then the days of the week panties was in.and i had on a pair.and they sead saterday.well it was only monday.she told me that i could keep the panties for the week but to have them washed before she got them back.and i agreed.she also told me to ask first.

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Yeah <br />
I wish my sister was like that

What a very understanding sister.