Whenever I went on a vacation, I'd show some vacation photos to my co-workers. One year, I had taken photos at a resort which had a nude beach, and some of the photos were nudes of myself and a friend.
I had them developed at a place which gave me 2 sets of photos. I had removed all the nude photos from the set I was going to take to work...and took "that set" to work the next day (my first day back from vacation).
I got into work early, and was asked about my vacation right away by a couple of others who had also arrived early (a guy and a girl). As they were looking through the photos, the guy said "You might want to take a couple of these out before you show them to anyone else" (the girl said nothing, but just giggled a bit).
I discovered that I had brought the wrong set, and that they had seen some nude photos of myself and my friend. Fortunately, they were good about not telling anyone else (though I did hear about it occasionally from them for a while).
Dragon56 Dragon56
61-65, M
Aug 1, 2010